Oil Rig generators And Motors

The oil and gas industry consists of onshore and offshore drilling operations, which rely on drilling rig equipment to extract oil and natural gas from reservoirs. Drill rig equipment often use electric motors as their power source, and these motors must be able to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, consistent impacts, corrosive environments, and other harsh conditions typical in oil and gas settings.

Since electric motors play a crucial role in the oil and gas drilling industry, it’s important to have a proper preventative maintenance plan to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency of the equipment.

How Electric Generators and Motors are Used in the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry

Gas Drilling Electric Generator

Electric motors are used to provide reliable and consistent power for drilling rig systems and equipment. The power that these motors generate is used to support the extraction, processing, storage, and transportation of products such as crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas.

Specifically, electric motors power the drilling process by providing an energy source for the rig’s draw works and other machinery. Induction motors and synchronous generators provide power for many applications throughout onshore and offshore drilling operations. Electric motors also drive fluid-control equipment such as pumps, fans, and compressors used by the oil and gas industry.

Finding cost-effective and reliable power for offshore drilling operations once presented significant challenges. Electric generators eliminate these challenges by providing a dependable power source for extraction equipment and other oil and gas drilling operations.

Preventative Maintenance for Electric Motors

Due to the harsh conditions of oil and gas drilling, the equipment used throughout this industry is exposed to many stressors which make adopting a regular maintenance program essential. Having a regular monitoring and scheduling protocol for the electric motors used in drilling operations will extend the lifespan of the equipment and ensure its reliable functioning. Additionally, preventative maintenance plans help identify and address any potential issues before they become serious ones, which can prevent unexpected operation downtime and high repair costs.

How Renown Electric Serves the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry

Renown Electric offers customized electric motor & generator repair and maintenance services, in addition to a diverse selection of in-stock electric motors that meet the requirements of oil and gas operations. We understand the vital role electric generators and motors play in the success of the oil and gas industry and deliver products and services designed to ensure longevity and optimal results.

Your Source for Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Renown Electric has over three decades of experience delivering electric motor sourcing, repair, and maintenance solutions. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and provide repairs that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Renown Electric operates from a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art main repair facility, a 34,000 square foot large motor and generator service center with 50 ton cranes throughout, and a 12,000 square foot warehouse, totallying in over 70,000 feet of working space, allowing us to handle maintenance and repair projects of any size. To learn more about our services or develop a maintenance plan for your electric motors, contact us today.


How The Oil & Gas Drilling Industry Uses Electric Generators & Motors

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