A crucial aspect of preventative maintenance in electric motors is estimating the remaining lifespan of the insulation system of rotating equipment.


That information can be compared with different operating conditions—pertaining to load, cycling, or the environment—to assess how and when the motor will be affected. To detect and resolve motor issues preemptively, Renown Electric utilizes electrical motor winding analysis (MWA).

With motor winding analysis, our skilled technicians can discover early-stage problems inside electrical equipment before they become more substantial. This early detection method allows us to perform the appropriate repairs during planned downtime; in addition to reducing repair costs during unscheduled shutdowns, motor winding analysis can lessen costs associated with disastrous component failure. Motor winding analysis is a form of non-destructive testing (NDT) that can be used for motor, transformer, and generator windings.

Alongside MWA, motor current analysis is used to classify electric winding insulation—this information helps us detect any problems associated with premature component failure, which in turn prevents loss of production time and high maintenance costs.

Motor winding analysis is an ideal method for detecting winding issues and to monitor the dielectric strength of your winding insulation; this method is a necessary aspect of any electric motor preventative maintenance.

MWA involves three equally important motor winding insulation tests:

  • Electrom TIG 12-D, a NDT that uses DC voltage. Any detected leakage is viewed in micro-amps.
  • Off-line tests, which uses a 1-Minute Megger Test, Hipot Test, and Surge Test.
  • On-line tests, which measure amps and voltage per phase and Rotor Bar tests.

At Renown, we utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment for our motor winding analyses, including an Advanced Winding Analyzer (AWA-IV) and a Baker D65R (for AC and DC motors respectively). If you can’t make it into our shop, don’t worry—our testing equipment can be pre-programmed and quickly brought to you in the field.

To learn more about our MWA testing method, please contact Renown Electric today.

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