Renown Electric’s elevator guards and machine room guarding sets protect workers from injury and are designed to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Our elevator room machine guards protect workers from being injured by large moving parts. Renown’s car-top, global and component guarding program meets or exceeds OSHA and MOL requirements for elevator machine rooms.

Car-Top Guarding

CarTop Guarding

Renown Electric’s car-top elevator guard system boasts a host of advantages, including quick and simple installation and easy adjustments for the most common car sizes. We stock two main sizes and are ready to ship at any time:

  • Small – 0004: Back adjusts from 51 – 68 inches. Side adjusts from 41 – 57 inches. Head beam sizes from 8 – 13 inches. Total unit weight is 105 lbs.
  • Large – 0006: Back adjusts from 55 – 90 inches. Side adjusts from 53 – 70 inches. Head beam sizes from 8 – 14 inches. Total unit weight is 135 lbs.

Custom sizes are available upon request. All units include kick plates, hardware, installation instructions and stamped engineer drawing. Units are designed in accordance with TSSA B44-07 8.7.14.

Machine Guarding

Global Machine Guarding

Our modular global guarding sets are fabricated specifically to precisely fit into the machine room and around the equipment. Following a machine room survey, Renown designs and manufactures a custom hingeless system that installs easily and creates a safe workplace.

  • Guarding Design Standards: The enclosure is installed by joining panels together with bolts, minimizing the need for additional posts. Yellow powder-coated access panels lock at two points and lift out for easy access to the enclosed
    car area.Cartop Guarding ExampleIn addition to being OSHA compliant, this system meets elevator industry best practice standards. Machine safeguarding requirements as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act, CSA Z432-04 Standards for Safeguarding of Machinery, Elevator Machine Room Equipment Guarding (a best practices guideline produced by the industry stakeholders).
  • Maintenance Access: Removable access panels locked at two points are provided for easy car access by simply lifting them out.  A hingeless system design eliminates pinch-point at the door.
  • Simple Installation:  Our global guarding system for elevator machine rooms offers complete interchangeability of all panels.The modular design, consisting of panels with the ability to be joined together, eliminates the use of posts and ensures simple, hassle-free installation. The panels are connected together by two fasteners and the doors are placed in holder brackets, which are secured with a bolted latch. The panels are secured to walls and the floor through the use of drop-in anchor bolts.
  • Included with Guarding Sets: Machine room survey, installation layout, safety review checklist, option safety compliance review report, safety signage.

Component Guarding

Component-GuardingRenown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. is a proud distributor of the Flavesco component guarding system. This innovative elevator machine guarding solution is modular, lightweight, and fits within the machine footprint. Access panels are hinged or removable and hi-flow vented panels protect openings on motors or generators.

For more information, we encourage you to view Flavesco’s Elevator Machine Guarding brochure.

Both of our machine guarding systems meet the challenges of the elevator room and are engineered for maximum safety and risk mitigation. To learn more about the total turnkey guarding package, please contact Renown today.