Renown Electric offers a series of motor maintenance videos about our many capabilities and services.

From armature coil manufacturing to global machine guarding, our informative videos illustrate the many aspects of motor repair and preventative maintenance. Be sure to also view our Company Overview, which documents our work at our Concord, Ontario facility.

Global Machine Guarding

Our global machine guarding sets protect workers from injury and are explicitly designed to prevent accidents. Watch the video and then view our machine guarding page for more information.

Gearless Motor Repair Overview

See a step-by-step process of a gearless armature being repaired in Renown’s shop. Our motor repair services keep motors running and prevent them from raising energy costs.

Visit Renown Electric’s Facility

Take a video tour of our facility and learn all about Renown’s many capabilities and motor repair services.

CoolBLUE Absorbers for Motor Bearings

Our newest product line, CoolBLUE inductive absorbers help reduce damage to motor bearings and extend your motor system life. See how they work in this video.

Armature Coil Manufacturing

Watch our coil manufacturing services at work. Renown Electric’s professional in-field coil rewinding services include the fabrication of new coils and insulation.

Torin Drive Brake Adjustment Videos

We are pleased to provide a broad collection of instructional videos, illustrating the fundamental adjustment processes designed and approved by Torin Drive International. The videos are organized by the following model categories:

TPM 1   |   TPM 2, 3, 4   |   TSM   |   TGL   |   TGD   |   TGD 2


TPM 1 Bearing Removal

TPM 1 Sheave Replacement

TPM 1 Encoder Replacement

TPM 1 Brake Replacement

TPM 1 Brake Adjustment

TPM 1 Bearing Installation

TPM 2, 3, 4

TPM 2, 3, 4 Sheave Replacement

TPM 2, 3, 4 Encoder Replacement

TPM 2, 3, 4 Brake Replacement

TPM 2, 3, 4 Brake & Brake Switch Adjustment

TPM 2, 3, 4 Bearing Replacement


TSM Oil Seal Replacement

TSM O-Ring Normal Brake Side Replacement

TSM O-Ring Emergency Brake Side Replacement

TSM Normal Brake Replacement

TSM Normal Brake Lining

TSM Encoder Replacement

TSM Emergency Brake Replacement

TSM Emergency Brake Lining

TSM Brake Adjustment

TSM Bearing Sheave Side Replacement

TSM Bearing Replacement Normal Brake Side

TSM Sheave Replacement

Brake adjusment video


TGL Shaft Replacement

TGL Rear Bearing Replacement

TGL Pedestal Seal Replacement

TGL Pedestal Bearing Replacement

TGL Hoisting

TGL Greasing

TGL Front Oil Seal Replacement

TGL Encoder Replacement

TGL Brake Switch Replacement

TGL Brake Replacement

TGL Brake Adjustment

TGL Bedplate

TGL Sheave Replacement

TGL Front Bearing Replacement


TGD Wormshaft Endcap O-Ring Replacement

TGD Wormshaft and Wormshaft Bearing Replacement

TGD Sheave Side Oil Seal and O-Ring Replacement

TGD Replacement O-Ring and Oil Seal Wormshaft Motor Side

TGD Oil Change Procedure

TGD Normal Brake Lining Replacement

TGD Normal Brake Coil Replacement

TGD Normal Brake Adjustment

TGD Motor Replacement

TGD Machine Sheave Replacement

TGD Gear Ring and Main Shaft Replacement

TGD Encoder Replacement

TGD Emergency Brake Adjustment

TGD Backlash Adjustment

TGD Machine Hoisting


TGD 2 Pedestal and Bearing Replacement