Electric motors are widely used throughout the world, so much so that people often take them for granted. At times, people forget the fact that motors are precision machines prone to occasional breakdown.

There are various reasons why an electric motor may stop working; most commonly, the issue will be a malfunction with the motor’s commutator.

Commutators are critical components, as they generate current in windings of the motor. By reversing the direction of this current each half turn, torque is produced; simply put, the commutator is directly responsible for facilitating an electric motor’s spinning operation.

Unfortunately, there are several issues that can befall motor commutators. If the outer surface, or skin, of the commutator develops a defect, the machine won’t be able to properly transfer a current to motor’s coil.

Skin defects can be caused by excessive humidity, faulty bearings, and overloading the motor. Common skin defects include erosion and bar markings—these defects will greatly reduce the efficiency of your motor.

The Solution to Commutator Defects

Aspects Renown


Many preventative practices can help you avoid commutator defects; one such practice is routine physical inspection of the commutator. Inspecting the skin is a great way to assess the commutator’s condition, and at Renown Electric, we’ve created a new resource to help you do just that.

Aspects of Commutator Skins is a technical bulletin that details the array of issues frequently afflicting motor commutators. With this guide, you will be able to recognize various commutator defects while learning more about the causes of these defects.

Should you discover a major defect in your commutator, not to worry—Renown Electric is equipped with the tools and expertise needed to return your commutator to peak working condition.

Learn more about commutator defects by downloading your free copy of Aspects of Commutator Skins today.

If you have any questions about commutators, or general electric motor repairs, feel free to contact Renown Electric—our customer representatives are available 24 hours a day.

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