Equipment failure can affect you in a number of unfortunate ways, including costly downtime and higher labour, repair and replacement costs. You can avoid these major problems by participating in a comprehensive preventative and predictive maintenance program. We offer our customers a Total Care Support Cost plan that allows you to outsource all on-going predictive and preventative maintenance and support services at a fixed and affordable price.

Since 1984, Renown Electric has offered preventative and predictive maintenance programs custom-tailored to each customer’s unique needs. To find the right program for your purposes, Renown’s team of experts analyzes and tests your Electric Motors & Generators using the latest equipment available.

Do not wait for your Electric Motors & Generators or related equipment to breakdown before contacting Renown Electric—hesitation can prove to be very costly for your business. Discover all the benefits of a preventative and predictive maintenance program from Renown by contacting us today.



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