Servo motor repair and spindle motor repair are highly specialized and complex projects, requiring a shop to employ technicians who are properly trained.

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These service technicians must possess the proper documentation, test equipment, cabling, and expertise to repair these sophisticated machines.

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Servos are small devices with output shafts that can be positioned into specific angular positions via coded signals. They are ideal for remote controlling applications in industries such as material handling, HVAC, printing, OEM machine manufacturing, and automotive.

Servo motors are available in a variety of specifications, each depending on the manufacturer. This range of specifications, coupled with the complex design of these motors, requires dedicated and focused repair techniques as part of the testing and training process.

Siemens Servo Motors

With over 30 years of experience in every aspect of servo motor repair, Renown Electric has the expertise and capabilities to test and restore even the most complex and intricate servo motors. We use the most comprehensive test systems, where each servo motor is put through extensive testing to create proper feedback and commutation alignment of the encoder or resolver.

At Renown, we test each servo motor to full project specifications using advanced software and magnetizing technology. Our capabilities include servo motor and spindle motor repair at our state-of-the-art repair lab and full-service facilities in Concord, Ontario. Our fully trained and expert trainers give every servo motor the most detailed inspection and testing to ensure that it is returned to the highest quality.

Servo Repair Renown

Our other servo motor repair services include:

  • Magnet recharging
  • Stator and armature rewinds
  • Digital, serial and incremental encoder tests
  • High-speed dynamic balancing and vibration testing

With proven expertise that ensures reliable quality and improved performance, Renown is the ideal provider for servo motor repairs. Our clients include some of the leading companies in variety of industries such as Allen Bradley, ABB, Fanuc, Siemens, and Toshiba.

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