As a leader in servicing the elevator industry for over 30 years, Renown Electric lends its expertise to help others understand the benefits of modernizing and upgrading their aging systems.


We offer a modernization survey to help explain the advantages of replacing older devices or subsystems with newer and sometimes more cutting-edge equipment.

Many modern elevators have been in service for several years, and their proprietors often don’t take the time to consider the idea of modernizing. With our modernization survey, we work together with the elevator trade to blend new technologies with existing elevator systems in order to enhance the performance, efficiency, and safety of your system. Incorporating advanced technologies can also provide you with high energy savings and the proper compliance with current industrial energy use standards.

Our technicians evaluate an elevator control system, including the hardware and software, and the motors as well; these are the two most important systems to consider since an improperly executed upgrade can damage the systems—in addition to other electrical and mechanical systems throughout the building. By gathering as much information as possible, potential problems in your elevator system can be greatly reduced.

AC motors offer many improvements over older DC motors; efficient AC induction motors offer benefits such as lower energy use and excellent ride quality. Systems that are running on DC motors can also benefit from modern technologies, though. With the installation of modernized motor controls, DC motors can become more energy-efficient and also provide improved ride quality.

There are many factors to consider when making a decision regarding elevator upgrades. Having a modernization survey implemented will give you the chance to determine your best course of action.

To prevent damage to the system, only a reputable company should be trusted to properly inspect and survey your AC and DC motors—a company like Renown Electric. Building on our years of experience in service to the elevator industry we are able to offer outstanding information on upgrading and modernizing all makes and models of elevator systems with new technologies. For more information, please visit our Turning and Undercutting page.