Renown Electric takes pride in its preventative maintenance methods—one of our more comprehensive methods is oil analysis.


During an oil analysis, our technicians sample and closely examine oil for various properties (such as base oils and additives) that can indicate contamination and wear inside Electric Motors & Generators or drive systems. By taking oil samples and analyzing them, we are able to create a reference point, or baseline, of normal system wear. Once a baseline has been determined, we can immediately know if any issues are afflicting these systems.

Oil analysis is useful for checking the condition of rotating machines because the oil itself has a story to tell. The moving parts of rotating machines are constantly in contact, and when wear occurs, small metal particles are then introduced to the oil—where they remain suspended. Various facility processes can also contaminate the oil supply of rotating machines. Conducting an oil analysis enables our technicians to classify any impurities, determine the rate of wear, and measure the contamination level in a given system.

Since there is so much to learn from oil, samples should be taken regularly after a component has reached its operating temperature—oil that is well-circulated will provide a more accurate representation of a motor or drive system’s condition. For each oil analysis, we make sure to draw our samples from the same point to ensure the most precise readings.

Renown Electric has specialized in all aspects of Electric Motors & Generators maintenance and repair for 30 years, and our expertise has garnered an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our technicians know exactly what to look for in oil analyses: we check for high oxidation, viscosity, and other properties to discover and resolve the problems in your system. Proper oil analysis can detect wear up to three months prior to vibration and it is a low-cost method.

To learn more about this preventative maintenance method, be sure to contact Renown Electric anytime—representatives are available 24 hours a day.