At Renown Electric, we have serviced various electric motors since 1984, and we are fully aware of the negative implications of vibration within motor or drive systems.

Unwanted vibration can cause excessive wear and damage to parts and components, which will require high repair costs. In order to prevent vibration from occurring in your system, Renown offers precision vibration analysis services.

Vibration analysis is used to monitor the internal condition of your equipment. Through this preventative maintenance method, our skilled technicians are able to quickly discover, measure, and quantify any vibration within a system. This is among the most common modern methods used to avoid mechanical failure while prolonging the life span of the monitored equipment.


Vibration is a strong indicator of a machine’s condition; any rotating equipment within a machine produces a signature, or frequency, which is a vibration signal unique to different components. These signatures are often captured in a series called time waveforms, where the signature’s amplitude is depicted over time. When these signatures combine into more complex time waveforms, the overall vibration of the system is discovered. In addition to examining these signals, we have been trained to recognize their specific patterns.

In order to prevent unwanted vibration, we check to make sure bearings are properly installed and aligned, the bearing journals or shoulders of a motor shaft are free of burrs and roughness, motors are not overly greased, and more.

If you want to stop system vibration before it even begins, it’s time to contact Renown Electric. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help.