Elevator maintenance programs ensure elevators are able to meet local and national codes and minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime.

Regardless of code, the mechanical nature of elevators, combined with their frequent use, make the relationship between building owners and elevator contractors an important one.  Renown works with elevator contractors to complement the services required to maintain and restore elevator machines— keeping elevators running. Everything from elevator motors, drives, gearboxes, generators, MG sets, sheaves, complete new units and maintenance parts are repaired in-house or replacements are available in stock for fast reliable service. Exchange units and obsolete units are all part of a regular day at Renown. In-house machining and coil winding allows us to help contractors return units to service 24/7. Below you’ll find some of our services offered.

Elevator Motor Services


Elevator Repair & Restoration

From modernization to emergency repairs, the Renown Electric team is happy to help.  We  work together with the elevator trade to evaluate everything from control systems and energy costs to modern machines and obsolete units.  Renown Electric works with leading suppliers of the elevator trade and offers the most innovative technology so you can choose a solution that suits your budget and timeline.


Sheave Regrooving

A cable’s grip on the sheave allows an elevator to effectively operate, making sheave regrooving a common maintenance repair that is easily accommodated in our full machine shop. Our technicians help contractors evaluate sheaves and recommend the correct groove for optimal sheave life. Get more on regrooving in our free technical bulletin.


Gearbox Repair

Rather than spending a large sum of money and downtime on a gearbox replacement, a rebuild is a more viable solution in many circumstances. Renown has been rebuilding gearboxes for more than 30 years, working with companies large and small in construction, mining, power generation, elevator and other sectors.

Related Products

Renown is your resource for motors, guarding and motor parts. Whether it’s as small as a brush or as important as a motor, we understand the importance of getting the right part at the right time. See below for some of the products we offer to complement our services.

  • — Elevator room machine guards — This includes car-top guarding, global machine guarding and component guarding.
  • — Motors, shafts and sheaves — We offer machines, motors, shafts and sheaves for elevators, industrial applications and more.
  • — Submersible and dry hydraulic elevator pump motors — AC or DC motors, we guarantee high quality products for your most challenging or basic requirements.
  • — Motor parts — Field coils, motor bearing absorbers, brush holders, brushes and more are available through Renown.
product-catalog-3d For more information about our elevator services and products, download our Elevator Product Catalog or contact one of our representatives with questions.

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