Renown Electric’s maintenance team provides first-rate in-field rewinding services for Electric Motors & Generators. Our staff provides the exceptional technical experience needed to repair and maintain an assortment of components and equipment.

Elevator Motor Rebuild

We provide the most rigorous testing, analysis, and rewinding of all diverse AC and DC motors and generators supplied by a wide array of manufacturers. Rewinds are highly beneficial—and very much necessary—for older pieces of equipment to keep up with the industry’s strict operational demands and changing requirements. As your components age, the ability of the assemblies to work together properly can substantially decrease. Rewinding coils and insulation prevents the breakdown of dielectric and thermal performance.

Utilizing Renown’s state-of-the-art facilities and innovative techniques and materials, our team can skillfully perform in-field rewinding services to improve the power capacity and reliability of Electric Motors & Generators. Renown technicians bring a vast amount of expertise to on-site rewinds, and they understand what is required to design a new insulation kit. Dimensional accuracy of rotor dimensions enables us to fabricate any precision components you may need. Once the unit is reassembled, we complete a full battery of tests to be assured that the renovated motor or generator is operating properly before it is returned to service.


Small Hydroelectric Generator - Coil Removal


In-field rewinding services offered by Renown Electric provide our customers a highly detailed level of service that is virtually unmatched in this industry. Our comprehensive planning, experienced technicians, high quality materials, and dependable outcomes result in a world-class service.

In-Field Rewinding

Our professional in-field rewinding service includes:

  • Evaluation of AC and DC motors and generators
  • Fabrication of new coils and insulation
  • Installation of new components
  • Testing and verification of system

In-field rewinding is a comprehensive service that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to keep your equipment performing at optimal levels.