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The alignment of a motor’s structural and mechanical elements influences its performance and longevity. Using laser alignment technology to facilitate motor repair and maintenance operations allows companies to ensure that parts are properly aligned and make adjustments as necessary.

Laser alignment uses laser instruments, such as transmitters and receivers, to measure the alignment (or misalignment) of components with a high level of accuracy and to the tightest possible tolerances. When used as part of a scheduled motor maintenance program, laser alignment services offer several benefits.

Avoiding Costly Downtime and Production Losses

In addition to inadequate maintenance and lubrication, improper alignment of motor components contributes to an increased risk of equipment breakdown. Breakdowns lead to extended unplanned downtime periods, disrupted production schedules, and more significant production losses, decreasing the overall productivity and profitability of a facility. Fortunately, these costly consequences can be avoided using laser alignment. 

By maintaining proper alignment of motor components, laser alignment prevents seals, bearings, belts, and other critical parts from experiencing greater levels of stress (including from friction, noise, and vibration) during operation. These stress levels can lead to premature component deterioration and failure and subsequent equipment breakdown. Laser alignment technology  prevents these breakdowns, improving productivity and profitability and facilitating more optimal machine performance.

Improving Accuracy, Speed, and Repeatability


Renown Electric Laser Alignment

Older alignment technologies—such as dial gauges and straight edge methods—require long setup periods while still delivering inaccurate results due to reading errors from low resolution or dial hand sticking and dropping. Comparatively, the high-resolution, non-contact design of laser alignment systems provides more precise, accurate, and consistent readings down to 0.0001 mm tolerances, as well as direct report generation for quicker delivery, interpretation, and analysis.

Additionally, while older alignment methods typically require specialized operators with extensive training and experience, the laser alignment method has a much smaller learning curve and allows for less experienced operators to produce accurate and consistent results. Combined with the quick setup time, the ease of use of laser alignment makes it an easily repeatable process, enabling its frequent use in regular preventative maintenance programs. 

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Employing preventative maintenance measures, such as frequent alignment of shafts, sheaves, pulleys, gearboxes, and other components, helps avoid premature motor component wear and malfunction. In particular, laser alignment is a cost-effective method that contributes to improved production output and decreased maintenance costs. 

At Renown Electric, our exceptional team of laser alignment experts is dedicated to preventing the premature fatigue and failure of motor parts and optimizing the performance of motor equipment. Our technicians measure component alignment to the tightest tolerances available, as well as provide realignment services consistent with client specifications and stringent industry standards, including ISO 9001:2015.

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