Wind Turbine Maintenance

Wind power has proven itself a valuable player in the renewable energy market and currently stands as the fastest-growing renewable energy source in North America. Wind turbine generators drive the wind energy industry and have long-term investment potential in a fast-growing market.

Wind turbine generators convert wind energy into electrical energy at a minimal cost without consuming natural resources. While turbines are considered relatively low maintenance, a preventative maintenance program is still essential to keep them running at maximum efficiency. As wind turbine generators age and wear, their reliability and performance can lessen significantly without proper care.

Benefits of Wind Power

Wind turbine generator blades harvest wind power by spinning the turbine to convert it into renewable electrical energy. Wind power offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Although the initial investment in wind turbines is higher than other renewable energy sources, wind turbines create energy from free resources without consuming fuel. Once built, they also have low operating costs. Wind turbine farms can easily recover the initial investment and any associated maintenance costs over the life of the turbine.
  • Clean and renewable energy. Unlike oil, gas, and coal, wind energy generation does not produce pollutants that contribute to climate change and result in economic damage, health concerns, acid rain, and smog.
  • Domestically sourced. Wind farms have changed the national energy landscape by harvesting a plentiful and renewable resource throughout much of the US and Canada. In the last decade, the US wind power capacity has grown by approximately 15% each year.
  • Sustainability. Wind is actually a form of solar energy because wind itself results from the sun heating the atmosphere as the planet rotates. Wind power will provide sustainable energy as long as the sun and Earth exist.
  • Efficient use of land space. Though wind farms use large plots of land, individual wind turbines have a relatively small footprint. Resourceful landowners can install one or more wind turbines on farms and ranches alongside crops and pastures to provide low-cost energy or an additional revenue stream without committing large amounts of space.
  • Job opportunities. Wind power drives a growing job market for wind turbine generator operation, service, and repair positions. It Is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States, currently employing more than 100,000 workers.

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Importance of Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance

Wind Turbine Maintenance Repair

Wind turbine maintenance ensures uninterrupted operation and optimal performance. Much like any power-generating machinery, wind turbines constitute a large investment. Wind farms invest in turbine generators with the expectation of long-term returns from the sale of electrical energy to companies and distributors.The failure of a wind turbine can result in downtime and costly repairs, potentially delivering a devastating blow to the wind farm’s profitability. Regular turbine maintenance minimizes the risk of downtime by identifying and correcting problems early to prevent equipment failures. It also helps ensure maximum equipment lifespan and reliability.

Partner With Renown Electric for Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance

Renown Electric delivers repair and maintenance services to ensure your wind turbine generators operate efficiently and reliably. We carry a broad range of high-quality replacement parts for wind turbine generators, including pitch control motors, heat exchangers, slip rings, and much more. Our preventative and predictive maintenance services keep your wind turbine generators running at ideal performance levels. Renown Electric’s technicians are experienced and certified to deliver the highest quality repairs and meet your needs.

Renown Electric has been in the repair service industry since 1984. From our ISO 9001:2015-certified, 60,000-square-foot facility in Ontario, we repair and maintain wind turbine generators and equipment using the leading technology and parts. We meet or exceed OEM repair and maintenance standards and we are CSA-qualified to handle hazardous repairs. 

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