Case Study: Repairs Extend Motor Life and Avoid Safety Risks

A non-responsive or delayed control panel creates an extremely hazardous work environment and is a major liability for any operation. When a rubber mill began experiencing issues in its control system, it approached Mann Electric and Renown Electric to seek operation repairs.

The rubber silicone mill’s motor was encountering braking issues that not only hindered production, but also risked the safety of the customer’s employees. The mill did not meet the safety standards of a one-quarter turn for an E-STOP.

To add to the challenge, the existing controls were old and outdated, which made repairs difficult and costly to perform. On the other hand, the old style motor generates huge torque that is not available in most modern motors.

The Solution

Mill Stopping Distances Chart

Renown teamed up with Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives, a top motor and machine control support company that works with a variety of OEMs for machine-specific solutions. Benshaw also runs a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to deliver design and testing services to ensure that equipment meets a wide range of safety and operational standards.

Under Occupational Safety & Health Administration safety standards, mills must stop within specified limits — regardless of size or arrangement — or employees could be exposed to a hazard. To continue operations, the customer needed controls that operated properly and adhered to OSHA standards.

After an examination of the controls, Renown and the customer determined that a motor replacement would not be in the long-term interests of the customer. Instead, they proposed a new control panel and controls that would meet the safety standards while accommodating the old wound rotor motor.

Control Specifics for Rubber Mill Motor
English Electric 100HP 550VAC
110 FLA 40C
900 RPM P.F. 0.8 Cont. Duty
Exciter 125VDC Field Current 21

Benshaw was able to deliver a completely new motor control panel with synchronous soft starter, exciter controls, forward and reversing contactors, and braking contactor. These next-generation solid-state synchronous controls focused on control capabilities for day-to-day performance as well as emergency start and stop operations.

Reliable Results

By working with Benshaw Advanced Controls and Drives, Renown Electric was able to generate a next-generation solid-state synchronous control to provide a panel with up-to-date standards and certifications.

The new controls and braking contactor can be used in conjunction with existing braking resistors, allowing the mill to stop in an emergency situation as quickly as safety regulations demand.

Mann Electric’s installation team removed and installed the cabinet and updated controls on the mill. Renown Electric provided application advice leading to an overhaul and rewind on the existing motor. Altogether, teaming up with the customer, we were able to update aging machinery and extend its usable lifetime, creating long-term savings while still delivering quality operations.

Before Control Panel

Control Panel – Before

Control Panel After

Control Panel – After

What Can Renown Do for You?

Renown Electric is able to deliver high quality repair and maintenance services for electrical and elevator motors from a wide range of manufacturers. Whether you need to meet or exceed OEM specifications, or your own demands for operations and safety, Renown has the capabilities and experts to help you continue your operations affordably.

Renown’s commitment to service extends beyond the reaches of our shop by offering predictive maintenance programs designed to meet the customers’ requirements. Contact us today to see how Renown can serve you on-time and on-budget through state-of-the-art support.