Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance & Repair

Wind energy is one of the world’s fastest-growing energy sources. Its many significant benefits in comparison to other energy sources have led to a rapid increase in usage. In a wind turbine, the wind turns the turbine’s blades and generators convert that mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

The generators themselves do not create energy, they can only take the mechanical energy from the spinning rotor blades and convert it into electrical energy. Generators cannot produce more electrical energy than the amount of mechanical energy used to spin the rotor blades. Due to the essential role of generators in wind turbine function, it is important that they are regularly inspected and maintained. 

The Importance of Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance and Repair

The generator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electricity, so power production ceases if the generator fails. A failed generator can result in a significant loss of revenue for the wind farm operator. Due to the substantial financial impact of generator failure, keeping generators in proper working order is essential. 

The best way to prevent a situation like this is through proper maintenance and prompt repair. With appropriate preventative maintenance practices, wind turbine operators can address issues before a part fails. Regularly scheduled inspections will help to identify areas in need of maintenance or repair. Establishing a thorough preventative maintenance program can dramatically improve the lifespan of wind turbine equipment. 


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Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance & Repair

Common Wind Turbine Generator Repairs

Excessive vibration is one of the most common causes of wind turbine generator failures. This occurs when the head and body of the turbine violently vibrate, which can cause a complete failure in operation. Ineffective yaw systems pose another frequent problem for wind turbines. When the wind speed and direction change frequently, the yaw system may struggle to rotate the turbine correctly in the direction of the wind. This sometimes causes errors in the yaw system, such as overspeed of wind turbine rotation, which impairs its stability. 

Other generator failures may include:

  • Cooling system failures
  • Bearing failures
  • Voltage irregularities
  • Thermal cycling
  • Wind loading
  • Extreme weather conditions

Proper general maintenance reduces the cost of energy production and extends the life expectancy of wind turbines. Depending on the location and type of wind turbine, operators may need to conduct more maintenance than initially recommended by the turbine manufacturer. 

Wind Turbine Generator Repair and Maintenance From Renown Electric

Wind Turbine Generator Maintenance & Repair

At Renown Electric, we offer many types of in-shop wind turbine generator repair services, including preventative and predictive maintenance services. Our mechanical and repair services for wind turbine generators include:


In addition to our portfolio of generator repair capabilities, Renown Electric also maintains a broad inventory of repair parts. Having stock on hand allows us toquickly complete turbine repairs. The replacement parts we stock include:

  • Bearings
  • Brushes and brush holders
  • Encoders
  • Generator components
  • Slip rings
  • Turbine pitch control motors

We also offer a generator management and storage program, which allows our customers to lower their overhead. Our team has the certifications and experience to ensure high-quality work, including ISO 9001:2015, Electro-Mechanical Authority (EASA) membership, and more

Wind turbines benefit greatly from regular maintenance. Ensuring the optimal function of generators and yaw systems will prevent costly system failures and extend the life of the turbines. Renown Electric has been servicing and repairing generators for over 30 years. We have CSA qualifications for repairing and servicing motors and generators in hazardous locations, and all of our repairs meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Warranty Services for Wind Turbine OEMs

Renown is an authorized warranty center for major original equipment manufacturers, including Lafert, Emerson, TECO Westinghouse, Leroy Somer and many more. Our compliances and certifications ensure your wind turbine components receive the highest quality work. Let Renown be your wind turbine’s dedicated service provider — simply contact us for more information.


If you have questions about our wind turbine generator maintenance and repair capabilities, please Contact Us.