Since 1984, Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. has provided the highest quality field and in-shop motor repair services, including the remanufacturing of AC and DC motors and generators. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and CSA-qualified, demonstrating our commitment to quality and our ability to offer service and repair of motors in hazardous locations.

With years of experience in specialized motor systems, we serve customers of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational corporations, in a wide range of industries. Take a closer look at how we serve the elevator, hydroelectric, mining, oil and gas, and other industries worldwide.

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Mining & Milling Mining & Milling
Wind Power Wind Power
Water & Wastewater Water & Wastewater
Oil & Gas Drilling Oil & Gas Drilling
Municipal & Government Municipal & Government
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We’ll keep your elevators running with services both in-shop and on-site, including in-field rewinding, turning, and undercutting. For decades, we’ve worked closely with companies in the mining, power generation, construction, and other industries for sheave regrooving, gearbox repair, and general elevator modernization, repair, and restoration. With cutting edge technology and close relationships with leading elevator suppliers, we can help with obsolete units and modern elevators alike.

Our maintenance programs are designed to help you avoid costly emergency repair and ensure elevators meet all local and national safety regulations. We also offer related products, including elevator pump motors, elevator room machine guards, shafts and sheaves, motor parts, more.

Elevator Services


Hydroelectric generators play a critical role in the production of renewable energy, and it’s essential to keep them running smoothly to ensure uninterrupted power and energy efficiency. However, these generators face a lot of challenges in their environments, from corrosion to extreme temperature and pressure, and regular maintenance is necessary for optimal performance. Even something as seemingly trivial as a loose bearing can lead to excess vibration and additional stress on certain components. Over time, the damage will extend throughout the motor, and that one loose bearing can ultimately decrease the life space of your entire system.

Renown Electric offers generator rebuilding and rewinding, gearbox repair, and preventative and predictive maintenance. We can help you identify potential issues based on your environment and generator usage, and make repairs and component replacements as necessary to avoid an unexpected shutdown or emergency repair situation.

Hydroelectric Industry Services

Mining & Milling

Electric motors are the force behind essential mining and milling equipment like generators, crushers, pumps, mills, hoists, and more. These systems are often highly specialized and carefully designed for durability in a harsh environment. If any piece of equipment goes down, it comes with big costs—not only in repairs, but in lost production. In some cases, those breakdowns can put people’s lives at risk.

With years of experience and state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities, we offer preventative maintenance, windings inspection, motor rewinding, bearings maintenance and replacement, and other services for AC and DC motors.

Mining and Milling Industry Services

Wind Power

On a wind farm, the wind turbine generator takes the mechanical energy produced by the spinning turbines and converts it into electrical energy. If the generators fail, no power is produced and the wind farm loses money, which makes generator inspection and maintenance an important part of wind farm operations.

With in-shop preventative and predictive maintenance and mechanical services that include coil manufacturing, generator rewinding, laser alignment, pitch and yaw repairs, slip ring repairs, wind analysis, vibration analysis, and thermal imaging, we keep your generators working to help you avoid downtime. We also maintain an inventory of repair and replacement parts for wind turbine generators to ensure a rapid response to any emergency repair issues.

Wind Power Services

Water & Wastewater

In the water and wastewater industry, motors are often running around-the-clock for purification systems, pump stations, treatment plants, and more, and 95 percent of the cost of electricity at these facilities is due to pumping. It’s been shown that the proper management and maintenance of the pump motors can help reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent, saving the company money and helping you establish yourself as more eco-conscious in a world of consumers who are putting more and more value on environmental responsibility.

At Renown Electric, we’ve worked with a variety of different pumps and pump motors, and we offer pump repair, balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment, and motor drive repairs with unmatched customer service and capabilities both in-shop and on-site for your convenience. In addition to complete on-site consultations and inspection services, we offer client training programs and no-charge pick-up and delivery in the Ontario area.

Wastewater Services

Oil & Gas Drilling

Electric motors run air compressors, pumps, and fans and allow oil and gas companies to drill wells, power drawworks, pump fluids, separate cuttings, and more. Motor failure can be both costly and catastrophic, depending upon the impacted system and other environmental conditions.

All systems on an oil rig must be functioning optimally for both safety and production. With preventative and predictive maintenance, we can spot potential problems before they occur. With a selection of motors (as well as synchronous motors and generators) for both onshore and offshore platforms, along with services like oil and vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment, and motion amplification, Renown Electric has the inventory, capabilities, and skilled team you need to keep your motors running well.

Oil and Gas Motor Services

Municipal & Government

In government facilities, electric motors power generators, elevators, and more. Keeping these systems running smoothly isn’t only a matter of safety and convenience for the people who work in those buildings, it’s also about ensuring a positive impression for citizens who visit for a tour or on official business.

Renown Electric offers modernization surveys for old government buildings that may be operating with outdated equipment and systems, as well as on-site machining, analysis, and testing using top-of-the-line equipment. A modernization survey can help your organization understand the cost, safety, and efficiency benefits of updating your systems while creating a plan for those upgrades. On-site machining services, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies, include milling, line boring, turning, welding, and more.

Government Facility Services


The modern world as we know it would not exist without aggregate. Aggregate refers to the raw material used for construction (e.g., stone, sand, and gravel). Once it is mined, washed, processed, and/or combined with a binding medium and other important compounds, it can be used to create building materials for roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures critical to our present society.

Electric motors play an essential role in aggregate mining, processing, and handling operations. Since aggregate is so vital to our day-to-day lives, it is important to keep these machines properly maintained and repaired. Otherwise, we risk an aggregate shortage, which puts many critical construction projects at risk.

Aggregate Industry Services


Manufacturing encompasses a broad range of industries that turn raw materials into processed goods. This process powers industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, textiles, and food and beverage.

Motors and generators are essential to run manufacturing and material handling equipment. For example, industries that focus on consumable goods, such as beverages and pharmaceuticals, use motors in the processing and bottling stages. For these reasons, motors and generators must be reliable and regularly inspected.

Renown Electric is a trusted leader in motor and generator services across many industries. Learn more about why motor maintenance is crucial for every manufacturer and how we serve diverse industries across consumer, commercial, and industrial markets.

Manufacturing Industry Services

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