Renown Electric is a world class leader in electric motor repair and services and is also an authorized dealer of new motors from major manufacturers.


We offer new motors from some of the most respected manufacturers in the electric motor industry, including TECO Westinghouse, WEG, Imperial Electric, Lafert, Emerson, Lincoln Electric, and US Motors. Our partnership with these companies enables us to supply new components as replacement options, quickly and cost-effectively.

If you are in need of a new AC motor or DC motor, Renown Electric is guaranteed to have a high-quality product to fit your exact requirements. We carry a large inventory of motors, including premium efficiency motors, U-frame motors, and metric motors.

We offer convenient pick-up and delivery services throughout much of Ontario, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are equipped with a large fleet of service and delivery vehicles, including a selection with cranes for simple and prompt job-site pick-up and returns.

Submersible & Dry Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors

Imperial Hyd MotorImperial Hyd Motor

Submersible and dry hydraulic elevator pump motors from Renown Electric meet the challenging demands of the elevator industry and are in stock ready to ship.

Our submersible elevator pump motors are special-application three-phase Z-flanged motors and are ideal for use in elevators in low-rise buildings. Additionally, these motors contain a zinc-plated frame that extends the life and durability of the unit.

Our dry hydraulic elevator pump motors are designed for belt-driven pumps and contain an innovative construction that reduces noise and vibration. These pump motors are the perfect product for pump passenger, service, freight, and dumbwaiter low-rise elevators.

Featuring single-ball bearing design, these motors fit most Allweiler® and IMO® submersible pumps. These pump motors are designed for intermittent duty up to 120 starts per hour, have class F insulation with thermostats integrated on motor frame, and are designed for Wye-Delta starting. Motors are CSA-certified and UL-component recognized.

Special Application Three-Phase Submersible Elevator Motor:

Elevator Motor
  • Class F insulation
  • Zinc-plated frame, 32 MM shaft, lifting provisions on brackets
  • Stainless steel nameplate on motor and mylar for wall mount
  • 70°C thermostat located on motor frame
  • Single-ball bearing designed to fit most Allweiler® and IMO® submersible pumps
  • 112″ external leads (butt splices at approx. 12″ & 47″ from housing)
  • Designed for Wye start/Delta run
  • Intermittent duty (rated 80 starts/hour In 50°C oil or 120 starts/hour In 40°C oil)
  • CSA Certified (#LR39413) and UL Component recognized (#E51488)

For reliable elevator functioning, utilize a pump motor that will provide consistent and dependable performance. For complete specifications of our submersible elevator pump motors, please contact Renown Electric.

Features of Dry Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motor:

  • Imperial Hyd MotorClass F insulation
  • F-1 mounting
  • Dual-rated nameplates (80 and 120 starts/hour)
  • Designed for belt-driven pumps
  • Optimal construction for reduced noise and vibration
  • 40°C ambient
  • Single-ball bearing designed to fit most Allweiler® and IMO® submersible pumps
  • Designed for Wye start/Delta run
  • CSA Certified and UL Component recognized

With more than 30 years of experience and an extensive inventory of new motors on hand, Renown Electric Motors & Repair has served a diverse customer base with a countless range of applications. Our dedication to quality sets us above the competition.

To learn more about our availability of new motors, please contact us.