Electric Motors & Generators drives are a crucial part of the commercial, residential, and industrial machines that we use every day.

Motor drives convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to offer controls that regulate speed and torque, create smoother performance, and limit machine damage.


A properly functioning variable frequency drive can deliver up to 55% in energy cost savings.

Maintaining this efficiency through preventative (PM) and predictive (PdM) motor drive repair services is an important aspect of Renown’s Drive Services.

However, this necessary maintenance is often put off until the machine undergoes catastrophic failure. If you are experiencing Electric Motors & Generators drive problems, don’t wait to take control of your system.

Diagnosing and Repairing Motor Drives

Renown Electric offers fast, cost-effective motor drive repair services. Our expertise includes diagnostics and repairs for a broad variety of drives such as:


Renown Electric has a comprehensive solution for your motor and drive repair needs. The combination of our state-of-the-art technology and our highly experienced staff ensures that your motor drive will always be in the right hands. Our wide variety of motor drive maintenance programs include:

  • – AC/DC Motor Drive Repair – A broad range of repair services including load testing, preventive overhaul servicing and emergency repair/replacement.
  • – Infrared Thermography – Temperature analysis to provide early detection of internal drive problems before they force you to shut down your line.
  • – Motor & Drive Surveillance – One of the most comprehensive PdM technologies, providing early indication of a machine’s health to avoid critical failure caused by common mode currents.

After every repair, we provide static and dynamic testing to ensure your motor drive is operating at full capacity.  For more information about the benefits of a well-maintained motor drive, download our eBook, 6 Ways to Save Money on Electric Motors & Generators.

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