View some of the projects that Renown Electric has worked on.

Renown Electric’s wide range of capabilities has helped companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to massive international businesses. To show you how we work with our customers, we’ve compiled a few case studies about the motor repair projects that we’re most proud of.

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Motor Repair Case Study

Learn how Renown Electric’s motor repairs extended a rubber mill’s life and ensured higher safety and operational standards.


Industrial Motors: Reducing Motor Bearing Current

CoolBLUE cores can reduce motor bearing currents by over 50% — here’s why that’s important for your industrial motor’s drive.


Elevator Motors: Reducing Motor Bearing Current

We wanted to find a solution to harmful motor bearing currents for elevator motors. Here’s a look at our tests and their results.


Using CoolBLUE Absorbers to Solve RFID Issues

Renown Electric was recently approached by a dairy farm experiencing issues with their new RFID system. See how we helped solve their problem.