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Vertima Balance Hydraulic Rope Equalizer

Renown Electric offers a diverse selection of motors, elevator controls and components, AC & DC drives, and other equipment, with parts in stock and available when you need them. Our team takes pride in offering high-quality solutions for ultimate performance – the Vertima Hydraulic Balance delivers the precision you need with unmatched benefits. This device is manufactured exclusively for Vertima by a leading German manufacturer with significant experience in hydraulic systems and hydraulic components for a number of other industries.

About the Vertima Balance

The Vertima Balance is a hydraulic rope equalizing device designed to eliminate issues associated with unequal rope length in elevators. This permanent, maintenance-free device can be installed within any roped lift system, including those with plastic ropes.

The Vertima Balance is built using high-quality components for reliability. Stainless steel rods continuously move within a closed hydraulic system of intercommunicated pipes, held within a high-grade alloy block. Rope anchors attach to the balance’s rods, and the balance’s linked load carrier pressure chambers deliver equal force impact, keeping rope tension equal under both dynamic and static scenarios.


With the Vertima Balance, you’ll experience:

  • Increased rope life expectancy from minimized traction sheave or pulley abrasion
  • More lifting comfort with less bucking
  • Stopping accuracy at the lift’s holding position
  • Increased lifting security in lifts with multiple ropes

Mounting the Vertima Balance can be done easily, affixed on the cabin, engine room, or in an upside-down position. It can also be linked between different balance systems, integrating with existing equipment. It is not necessary to measure the load directly on the rope when using the Vertima Balance, but load measuring is easily possible as an optional feature.

When you use the Vertima Balance, there are no time-consuming settings to configure and surveillance of rope tension is unnecessary. The Vertima Balance allows for optional and automatic detection of shortening and incorrect rope elongation.

Vertima Balance Benefits

When installed in your lifts, the Vertima hydraulic Balance provides unmatched benefits, including:

Lower Maintenance Costs

The Vertima hydraulic Balance cuts maintenance costs, with no need for routine or preventative maintenance. By providing equal dispersion of cable tension, you’ll experience less wear and tear on your ropes and sheave groove, improving safety while limiting monitoring and rope maintenance.

Fast, Easy Installation

The Vertima Hydraulic Balance is typically shipped fully assembled and ready to install. This rope equalizer provides flexible installation, capable of being mounted in most any position to fit your application’s unique requirements.

Auto-Remediation for Inconsistent Rope Tension

With the Vertima Hydraulic Balance, weight is distributed evenly to all ropes, with real time detection of inconsistent tension. The device performs immediate remediation when inconsistent tension is detected, eliminating the need for tension inspections.

Higher Rope Service Life

Using the Vertima Hydraulic Balance protects your ropes from wear and tear, keeping them in service longer. Without the effects of uneven tension, the service life of your ropes can be up to 50 percent longer, saving you money on replacement.

Improved System Performance & Ride Comfort

The Vertima Hydraulic Balance rope equalizer delivers a smoother ride for users, with reduced shearing on the rope and uncomfortable operating noises. The device improves operation precision and accuracy to offer a smooth, safe and relaxed user experience.

Learn More About the Vertima Balance

The Vertima Hydraulic Balance delivers superior advantages for your rope lift operations, cutting maintenance, wear and tear, and monitoring. Lower maintenance and replacement costs while creating a comfortable lift experience for users when you install the Vertima Hydraulic Balance.

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