Electric Motors and Maintenance for Municipalities & Government Facilities

Municipal governments are responsible for providing services and facilities to the towns and cities they govern to ensure proper functioning on all levels. To do this, they need reliable water and energy sources to facilitate the safe and efficient operation of street and traffic lights, schools, their own government buildings (e.g., courthouses, city halls, post offices), and more. Electric motors and drives play a key role in these sectors by providing a steady source of electricity to municipalities.

Renown Electric offers electric motor and drive repair, rebuild, rewind, and replacement services to help our customers in the municipality and government industries keep their towns and cities running reliably and efficiently. We understand how motors and generators are used in this industry, which allows us to deliver the quality solutions you need.

Importance of Electric Motors for Municipalities and Governments

Citizens rely on municipal and government facilities and services daily for access to clean water, fire departments, hospitals, and waste treatment. These services are integral to maintaining a safe and comfortable place for citizens to live and must be able to operate smoothly and without interruption. Electric motors, drives, and generators play a vital role in keeping buildings and facilities running, and a fully functioning city gives a positive impression to its citizens.

However, in cases of emergency — such as storm floods that damage the power grid or overwhelm the water management system — municipalities and government facilities often rely on generators and pump/motor combinations to move water and provide reliable backup power in the generators to keep emergency services and essential functions from experiencing outages.

Essential buildings and services that rely on electric motors and generators in these circumstances to keep public services running include:

  • Public facilities and buildings that provide essential services (i.e., police and fire stations, schools, town halls).
  • Utilities (i.e., natural gas supply and power generation).
  • Public transportation (i.e., transit buses, trams, passenger trains).
  • Water supply facilities (i.e., for drinking water and wastewater management).
  • Healthcare facilities (i.e., hospitals, clinics).
  • Emergency shelters

Types of Electric Motor Maintenance and Repair Services

Electric motor failures can cause critical disruptions in the daily functioning of municipalities, but several preventative measures can be taken to avoid failure. Renown Electric provides services that prioritize maintenance and repair, focusing on increasing the longevity and reliability of the unit. For government and municipalities, these services include:

  • Preventative maintenance: We perform regular preventative inspections and evaluations of motors, pumps, drives, and generators to spot performance or operational complications early. If an issue is detected, our service team will diagnose it and provide a solution to prevent a catastrophic or full-blown problem.
  • Electronic Repair & Troubleshooting: Most pumps, fans, and generators in municipal works are controlled electronically to improve efficiency and operations. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Eddy Current Systems, and Generators all require routine preventive maintenance and repair as they age in service. Our team is fully equipped to complete routine PMs, repair on-site, or investigate ongoing issues that can cripple infrastructure if run to failure.
  • On-Site Machining Services: On-site machining services are also available – we bring our full machine shop capabilities to you! This service, which includes shaft repair, milling, line boring, turning, welding, and more, is available 24/7 for emergencies.

Working with Renown Electric for Electric Motor and Generator Repair Services

If you need a new electric motor or motor maintenance and repair services, Renown Electric is a reliable partner you can turn to. Our team has the knowledge and skills to provide quick, cost-effective, and quality solutions that will keep all of your town or city’s functions and facilities thriving and running smoothly. We’re the one-stop-shop for all your electric motor and generator needs.

Contact us today to discuss your service requirements with one of our team members or to learn more about electric motor/generator repair and maintenance or our pump and electronic repair services. Our 24/7 customer services ensure we can extend the performance and life of your electric motors and generators when you need them.