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How VFD Maintenance Can Save Your Bottom Line

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Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are devices that regulate the operation of a motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage levels of the electrical input. They are commonly used in various electromechanical systems, from home appliances to industrial equipment. Like other electrical and electronic components, VFDs need proper and regular maintenance to ensure consistent and reliable […]

Rotor Balancing

What Is Rotor Balancing? A Quick Guide

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Rotors are essential components in electric motor operation. Keeping them properly balanced by addressing any issues in electromechanical systems helps ensure motor longevity and optimal performance. Learn more about why rotor balancing is important, how electrical and mechanical conditions play into a rotor’s alignment, and how preventative and predictive rotor maintenance can help you protect […]

Electric Motor Repair vs. Replace

Electric Motor Repair vs. Replace – Costs, Benefits

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Almost any industrial activity depends on an electric motor. When repair vs. replace considerations arise, the choice can result in thousands of dollars saved or lost. This is partly due to the direct repair/replacement costs but also as a result of downtime that grinds operations to a halt. Making the right call between electric motor […]

Motor Bearing Failure 101

Motor Bearing Failure 101 – Types & Causes

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Bearings are a critical element of electric motors. They facilitate even load handling, reduce friction, provide shaft support, and enhance the reliability and longevity of rotating components. However, without proper installation, operation, and maintenance, bearings can become damaged or fail. Here, we’ll go over some of the most common causes of bearing failure and how […]

Non NEMA Motor

What Are Non-NEMA Motors?

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The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA, is a trade association that sets industry standards for a range of electrical components, equipment, and medical technologies, including electrical motors. When motors are larger than the frame sizes outlined by NEMA, they are referred to as Above-NEMA, or A-NEMA, motors. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview […]


What are NEMA Motor Standards?

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Knowing the difference between NEMA and non-NEMA motors will help you and your product team choose the right motors for your designs, both in terms of product performance and in terms of the efficacy of design and manufacturing in an increasingly global market. At Renown Electric, we specialize in large non-NEMA motors, as well as […]

Hydroelectric Sector

How the Hydroelectric Sector Uses Electric Generators

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Using a hydraulic turbine, hydroelectric generators convert the mechanical energy of flowing water into electricity. Hydroelectric generators are connected to the turbine via a salient pole rotor. Generator rotors have field poles, which are multi-layered electromagnetic steel laminations surrounded by loops of wire arranged on the perimeter of the rotor. The number of field poles […]

Mining Hoists

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Today’s high-efficiency mines rely on effective hoisting and transportation systems to move people, goods, and equipment. Having the right hoists and safety equipment is essential for growing your operation while protecting your employees. Learn more about mining hoists, our upgrade and repair services, and Canadian regulations for surface hoist operations. Mining Hoists Explained Electric hoists […]

Renown Rewind

Rewinding Services

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At Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc., we understand the importance of properly maintaining motors and generators. Not only does this help your operation avoid unexpected downtime and the costs involved with equipment failure, but keeping up with repairs will enhance the efficiency and capacity of a motor and generator, help keep energy costs from […]

Mining Industry

Mining Industry

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Electric motors and generators are vital to the mining industry, allowing equipment such as mills, crushers, hoists, pumps, and haulers to operate. Tools and machinery for this work must be durable and reliable to enable seamless production in even the harshest of environmental conditions. When motors or generators do fail, this can cause significant interruptions […]

Balance machine

New Facility Series – New Equipment

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At Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art electric motors and motor repair services. Since our founding in 1984, we have optimized our capabilities and equipment to provide high-quality repair services for all types of electric equipment. Our new workshop at 78 Bradwick Drive, Concord, ON, has […]

aggregate electric generators motors

How the Aggregate Industry Utilizes Electric Generators & Motors

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The aggregate industry in Canada and The United States is responsible for mining, grinding, and selling billions of metric tons of sand, crushed rock, and gravel every year. Aggregate is commonly used in the construction industry, where it is a primary component for applications such as asphalt, concrete, and road building materials. Aggregate is all […]

oil rig generators and motors

How the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry Uses Electric Generators & Motors

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The oil and gas industry consists of onshore and offshore drilling operations, which rely on drilling rig equipment to extract oil and natural gas from reservoirs. Drill rig equipment often use electric motors as their power source, and these motors must be able to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, consistent impacts, corrosive environments, and other harsh […]

wind turbine maintenance

6 Reasons Why Wind Power Turbine Maintenance is so Crucial

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Wind power has proven itself a valuable player in the renewable energy market and currently stands as the fastest-growing renewable energy source in North America. Wind turbine generators drive the wind energy industry and have long-term investment potential in a fast-growing market. Wind turbine generators convert wind energy into electrical energy at a minimal cost […]


Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure

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Industrial electric motor systems have become more complicated, so when malfunctions occur, it is not always easy to identify the cause. Motor failure may be caused by mechanical or electrical problems, especially if the motor is improperly sized, installed, or maintained. Understanding the most common causes of motor failure can help you prioritize preventative maintenance […]

hydroelectric motor generator repair maintenance renown electric

The Importance of Generator Repair and Maintenance for the Hydroelectric Sector

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  Hydroelectric power, the single greatest source of renewable energy around the world, is derived from moving water through the use of dams and hydroelectric power plants. Since no fuel is burned to create hydroelectric energy, it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions like more traditional fossil fuel power plants. The cost of running a […]

Electric motor maintenance for transportation sector

The Integral Role of Electric Motor Maintenance for The Transportation Sector

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While the transportation industry heavily relies on combustion motors, there has been a recent shift in focus to electric-powered vehicles. From cars and trucks to trains and locomotives to ships and ferries and not to forget mining equipment and buses, nearly every mode of travel can utilize electric motors for power. By converting electrical energy […]

Renown Electric Mining motor repair

Why Electric Motor Repair is So Important for the Mining Industry

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In the mining and mineral processing industry and almost every other industrial operation, electric motors are at the heart of the operation and present in almost every aspect of industrial works. Electric motors drive large equipment like crushers, mills, and driving hoists, and even small reagent dosing pumps. They are an essential part of mining […]

ac electric motor

AC vs. DC Motors: What’s the Difference?

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Electrical motors are machines designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. While they are available in numerous variations, they can be categorized into two main classifications: AC motors and DC motors. Both AC motors and DC motors have the same function; that is, to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. However, when choosing a […]

renown electric RDI technologies

A New Partnership Between Renown Electric & RDI Technologies

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At Renown Electric, our dedication to providing our customers with the most innovative solutions for their manufacturing operations has motivated us to partner with RDI Technologies. As a certified service provider for RDI, we can provide optimized, unparalleled services using Iris M—a revolutionary device used in over 41 countries and across more than 22 industries—for […]