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  1. 5 Common Elevator Problems and Prevention Tactics


    From old operating systems to worn sheaves, there are a number of reasons why an elevator may be malfunctioning — and our team at Renown Electric is always available to help.

    Elevator Maintenance

    Many equipment failures can be prevented with proper inspection and preventative maintenance. Regular maintenance doesn’t just increase productivity by avoiding downtime — it’s also been shown to decrease energy consumption by 15%.

    Long wait times and frequent breakdowns are inconvenient and a sign of wear. Overheating, high energy use, and low power factor may not be obvious problems, but they incur hidden costs. Implementing simple elevator motor maintenance practices can help decrease expenses and downtime.

    Below, we examined some of the most common elevator problems and provided solutions to preventing elevator downtime:

    1. Problem: Worn Sheaves

    ✓ Solution: Sheave regrooving

    Sheave Regrooving

    Worn sheaves place extra wear on ropes, which in turn increases the level of wear on sheaves. This creates a cycle of destruction for both key components.

    Sheaves can be regrooved or replaced to prevent premature hoist rope failure, so be sure to check groove profiles to verify the fit between the ropes and the sheave.  Simple tools are available with magnetic standards and a straight edge to visually check if the grooves on the sheave a wearing evenly.

    2.  Problem: Power failure

    ✓ Solution: Infrared inspection

    Infrared Inspection

    Elevators demand a great deal of power from commercial building utility systems, so updates to the system’s voltage can affect motor operations or potentially even damage the elevator system. Elevators with any history of motor failures or operation issues should undergo a power quality survey.

    Infrared thermography measures drastic temperature changes and can identify possible trouble spots before they cause costly system failures.  Common faults such as over/under voltage can be seen easily with power quality surveys and fuses that are running hot can be quickly seen with infrared imaging before a motor loses a phase.

    3. Problem: Contamination

    ✓ Solution: Oil & lubrication analysis

    Oil Analysis

    When wear occurs, small metal particles are released in the oil and can interfere with the proper functioning of an elevator system. Similarly, improper lubrication or worn seals can cause contamination. Conduct an oil analysis to check the oil for various properties that may indicate contamination or wear inside of a motor.

    A high presence of bronze in the gear case oil can indicate premature wear on the crown gear of a geared elevator or high concentration of aluminum in your hydraulic tank may indicate pump housing wear in a hydraulic elevator.

    4. Problem: Noisy bearings or bearing malfunction

    ✓ Solution: Inductive absorbers

    Spherical Roller Bearing

    Bearing malfunction causes more than half of all motor failures. Noisy bearings are often attributed to vibrations within the motor. While variable frequency drives are helpful for decreasing your motor’s energy use, they introduce common mode current — a damaging byproduct that can increase these vibrations to dangerous levels through premature bearing wear caused by stray current.

    To address this challenge, consider using an inductive absorber, such as CoolBLUE, to absorb the currents and protect your system from potential breakdowns.  Additionally, ensure that all grounds are secured and connected to minimize troubles caused by electrical noise on the ground that may trip out systems or cause false counts in the system.

    5. Problem: Misaligned motor drive

    ✓ Solution: Motor alignment

    motor-alignmentWhen an electric motor is coupled to another piece of equipment, shaft alignment is critical. Without correct alignment, the motor bearings begin to wear. Shaft misalignment can be detected using advanced laser measuring equipment or by simply employing a straightedge and string.

    Alternatively, consider purchasing geared machines that employ flange mounted motors that do not require alignment if the machine is disassembled.

    5 Common Elevator Problems


    Other Solutions

    preventative-maintenance At Renown Electric, we offer

    preventative maintenance and on-site elevator repair services to customers across a broad range of industries.To learn how to avoid the causes of elevator malfunction altogether, check out our

    eBook: Preventative vs. Predictive Maintenance.

  • Mark Your Calendars: Elevator Tradeshows Ahead

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    Everyone knows that fall is the time to head back to school, and this is no exception for the Renown team.

    We’re hitting the road in the coming weeks to attend two major elevator trade shows: the NAEC 66th Annual Convention in Boston, MA, and Interlift in Messe Augsburg, Germany.

    Renown will be attending the trade shows to learn and implement all the latest elevator trends and technology into our own offerings. View the tradeshows below for more information.

    naec Tradeshow

    NAEC 66th Annual Convention

    Who: National Association of Elevator Contractors

    What: The Largest Vertical Transportation Show in the United States

    Where: Westin Boston Waterfront and Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

    When: September 28 – October 1, 2015

    Seminar Topics

    Interlift Tradeshow

    Meet the World: Interlift 2015

    Who: AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH and VFA-Interlift e. V. Association for Lift Technology

    What: The premier global-market-driven elevator technology trade fair — The World of Elevators

    Where: Messe Augsburg, Germany

    When: October 13 – 16, 2015

    Event Highlights

    If you’ll be attending the shows, feel free to reach out and say hello. If you don’t plan to attend, but would like to speak to one of our specialists about the events, don’t hesitate to give the Renown team a call. Here’s to new technology and an exciting fall!

  • The True Cost of Poor Elevator Motor Maintenance

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    In the world of elevators, preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment running in peak condition.

    Elevator systems can be an expensive investment with a life expectancy of 25 years or more. During this time, normal wear and tear will affect the equipment, requiring maintenance.

    An effective preventative maintenance program can help the bottom line of your business—not just from a cost-effective maintenance program, but also by keeping your elevators running smoothly. Ensuring that customers have reliable access to your business will keep them returning and ensure that they have a positive view of your company.

    Maintenance Costs

    Cover Cost Analysis


    Over time, elevator motors and related equipment becomes worn and will eventually need replacement. Preventing major failures will allow you to minimize the amount of downtime while the elevator is being repaired. This also means avoiding extremely costly overhauls.

    Consider our hypothetical scenario below. Assuming that unattended motors tend to break down every 4 years instead of 5, there are still four major emergency repairs scheduled over the same 25-year period — even with a new motor in the mix. These repairs will cost, on average, $750 in parts and $1,200 in labor. Over the 25-year standard lifetime, there will also be the installation of a new motor costin $11,400 and four emergency repairs totaling $7,800 — bringing our total to an additional $768 per year without preventative maintenance, or $19,200 over a 25-year period.


    Cost Analysis Chart

    Lack of maintenance can mean that elevator motors will fail prematurely and break down more frequently. The result from these breakdowns or full replacements is potentially tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills over the elevator’s lifetime.

    With a regular maintenance program, your qualified elevator mechanics  regularly inspect the equipment for faults, and then make repairs before a major failure occurs. Finding these failures keeps downtime, and inconvenience for customers and staff, at a minimum as well as saving your company money in the long run.

    Additional Benefits of Maintenance

    Elevator maintenance impacts the profitability of businesses in the building, as well as the marketability of a company. Customers who enter a building with no working elevator may perceive the company as unreliable.

    In addition, a business that relies on foot traffic may lose customers who cannot or do not want to climb stairs. All of this affects the bottom line of businesses, and all of these concerns are avoided with an elevator that remains in operation.

    Along with the financial benefits, properly maintained elevators provide:

    Learn More in Our New eBook

    Renown Electric is proud to offer our new eBook, Preventative Maintenance of Elevator Motors: A Cost Analysis, which outlines the costs and benefits of an elevator motor maintenance schedule. As an expert in the field, Renown provides a wide range of services and products that will help keep your elevator motors running in top condition.

    To learn about the full benefits and costs of elevator maintenance, download our free eBook today.

     Most Common Elevators
  • Find the Elevator Part You Need in Our Product Catalogue

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    Similar to other pieces of industrial equipment, elevators are prone to wear after long periods of regular usage.

    Without routine maintenance, elevators will begin to malfunction, and eventually will stop functioning altogether. Unscheduled downtime causes inconvenience to both employees and customers who rely on your company’s elevators every day.

    Elevator Parts Catalog

    Many elevator components can fail overtime, and it’s vital to have replacements on hand to avoid serious consequences.

    Renown Electric has provided high-quality elevator components for over 30 years. You can learn about the components we have to offer in our latest Product Catalog.

    The catalogue provides information about our complete product line, which includes elevator brushes, field coils, constant springs, brush holders and kits, and much more.

    You’ll also find products supplied from notable manufacturers such as Otis, Westinghouse, General Electric, and others.

    Download This Resource Today

    Renown Electric invites you to learn more by obtaining our free Product Catalog.

    If you have any questions, just remember that our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help — free feel to contact us today.

  • How to Stay Ahead of Worn Field Coils and Poor Motor Performance

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    To get the best service from your elevators, high-quality components are a necessity.

    Field coils are particularly essential components, as they help produce the magnetic field that rotates elevator motors.

    Worn field coils lead to inefficiencies in your electric motor, as well as potential malfunction and break down. Due to the precision expertise needed, manufacturing and rewinding field coils are challenging undertakings.

    Where other companies falter, Renown Electric thrives — our experienced team has all the required skills to supply diverse field coils services. With over 30 years of experience in the elevator industry; we have the capabilities to accommodate several coils, including:

    Field Coils Renown Electric

    We can also repair equipment from major manufacturers such as General Electric, Otis, Westinghouse, Haughton, and many others. Visit our Field Coils Products page to learn more.

    Renown Electric is a one-stop shop for any electric motor management needs. With our state-of-the-art facilities and various industry certifications, our team delivers superior, highly reliable products and services.

    Contact us today to learn how we can support your next application.

  • Critical Attributes to Consider When Hiring a Company for Elevator Motor Inspection

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    Elevators are one of the most common and most utilized aspects of any building, whether commercial or residential. They are also one of the most important to maintain. The obvious reason for proper and regular inspection/maintenance is safety—and as long as it is, indeed, maintained, an elevator is an exceptionally safe piece of equipment.

    Another critical reason for maintenance is code compliance; if you fail to comply with the CSA Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (which adheres to the U.S. ASME standards), you risk major fines. Within the elevator, the motor is a crucial part, and it too must be maintained and repaired regularly and effectively. This makes all the difference between safety/compliance and major problems.

    So what attributes should you consider when hiring a company to inspect and/or maintain your elevator motor? These are some of the most important factors:

    Finding an elevator motor inspector with many years of experience means you can be sure he or she has worked on all types of elevators and also a variety of manufacturers and has extensive knowledge. It also means that the inspector can easily determine if something is wrong; a less experienced inspector can overlook something that will later become a problem. Should an issue go unnoticed and therefore get worse, your costs will be much higher for repairs and replacement. Therefore, pay particular attention to the company’s years in business.

    This is one of the first things you should inquire about—proper accreditation ensures they were trained and certified correctly. In the U.S. and certain provinces of Canada, inspectors are required to have a Qualified Elevator Inspector’s certification. Be sure to ask what accreditation an inspector/company has.

    Types of Inspection/Testing
    Of course you want the most thorough and up-to-date testing and inspection, so it’s important to ask a company about their procedure. You can then compare them to one or two others and determine who seems to be the most thorough.

    Repairs Available
    If it’s determined that repairs are necessary, it’s easier to work with an inspector who can then actually perform them, rather than having to find someone else. The best scenario is to work with a company that has experience and knowledge of the inspection process as well as in repairs—this will be the most effective, cost-efficient situation.

    If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24/7/365.

  • The Importance of Regrooving Elevator Sheaves

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    While all elevator sheaves should be regrooved at least once, the type of groove and frequency of use determines how much additional maintenance is necessary. The groove that you select for your elevator sheave has an effect on the extent of wear that both the sheave and rope demonstrates over time. This is an especially important consideration at a time when elevators are being used at a near constant rate in many commercial buildings and facilities. Choosing the right groove shape can reduce the likelihood that the sheave will need to be replaced or repaired.

    Older elevators operate with sheaves that feature round grooves, which is ideal for rope life. Round grooves open at an angle of 45° with groove excess allowances of up to 20%. The larger size of this groove type means that the rope is subjected to less abrasion and fatigue than it would in another type of groove. It is therefore the groove shape of choice for most wire rope manufacturers. Round grooves also have downsides, however. The excess breadth means that they are also larger than other groove types, which may be undesirable in limited spaces. They also provide the least traction.

    If traction and size are a concern, another option is a modern V-groove or undercut U-groove. V-grooves have an opening angle of 35° or 45°. They are characterized by a V-shape opening in which the wire rope does not make contact with the bottom of the groove, and is instead supported by its walls. V-grooves increase the pressure between the rope and sheave, creating a gripping action that increases traction. The same goes for undercut U-grooves, which have an opening angle of 40° and an undercut angle of up to 105°. The consequence of additional traction, however, is that both the rope and sheave are subjected to increased wear.

    No matter what type of grooves is employed, both sheaves and grooves should be monitored to catch signs of wear early. While grooves designed to increase traction generally do require more attention, round grooves can also damage wires if implemented improperly. V-grooves and undercut U-grooves force the rope to seat itself into the groove more quickly by exerting a higher, pinching pressure. This can lead to fatigue failure, abrasion and pinching. Grooves that are too wide, however, can also cause wires to roll and twist, leading to high stranding and “bird cages.”

    Renown Electric is dedicated to offering outstanding service to our customers in all aspects of electric motor repair, remanufacture, and field service. We are happy to offer our expert engineering support and advice. To learn more about maintaining elevator sheaves and grooves, visit the Renown Electric website and download a free copy of our eBook today.

  • Predictive Maintenance Techniques

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    Like many pieces of industrial equipment, electrical motors operate in harsh environmental conditions that involve heat and abrasion. Consequently, plant managers must implement a proper maintenance program to avoid motor failure and ensure a long service life. Predictive maintenance may be preferable to other types of maintenance in circumstances where equipment downtime is untenable. Predictive maintenance techniques allow plant managers to measure and diagnose failure levels in an electrical motor without compromising production.PreventativeElevatorMotorMaintenance

    A major benefit of predictive maintenance is that it is not intrusive. With the help of machine monitored trending methods, plant managers can assess the potential failure levels of a motor without tearing a machine apart and halting production. Predictive maintenance also does not require unnecessary maintenance if the equipment does not require it, further reducing the costs of maintenance.

    This type of maintenance is performed through techniques such as vibration, infrared, and winding analysis. In vibration analysis, the frequency of rotating equipment is measured by instrumentation such as an accelerometer and spectrum analyzer. Each piece of equipment generates a unique pattern, which is typically recorded in the first few hours of equipment operation. Abnormalities from this pattern, such as excessive vibration, may be a sign of common problems and can warrant further actions and repairs.

    In addition to a vibration pattern, electrical motors have a specific temperature profile. The temperature profile is monitored using thermal images of a motor’s surface temperature. This is known as infrared analysis. Any observed deviation from a motor’s temperature profile, such as hot spots, can indicate issues such as short circuits and an unbalanced voltage.

    Electrical motor winding analysis is another predictive maintenance technique that specifically tests the integrity of motor winding insulation. Some examples of early-stage problem easily detected by a winding analysis include degraded insulation and leakages. Fortunately, these tests are non-destructive and can be performed quickly during planned down times. The results from a winding analysis can inform predictive maintenance professionals about the strength of a motor’s insulation and the potential risk of failure.

    To learn more about predictive maintenance techniques and benefits, especially in comparison to preventative maintenance, download a free copy of our eBook from the Renown Electric website. For more advice and guidance regarding motor maintenance or repairs, feel free to contact one of our technical experts today.

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