At Renown Electric, our dedication to providing our customers with the most innovative solutions for their manufacturing operations has motivated us to partner with RDI Technologies. As a certified service provider for RDI, we can provide optimized, unparalleled services using Iris M—a revolutionary device used in over 41 countries and across more than 22 industries—for monitoring motion amplification. Equipped with the Iris M, we have enhanced our capacity to offer safe, efficient, and proactive problem-solving solutions for detecting and resolving plant machinery problems. 

Motion Amplification®From RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies Motion Amplification Tech

Reducing downtime—and the related loss of potential profits—necessitates observing, identifying, and correcting manufacturing equipment issues before they cause significant damage. One possible solution for this challenge is RDI Technologies’ patented Motion Amplification® technology. 

Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing algorithm, which makes it possible to measure the slightest deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration even before they register to the naked eye. Combining it with a video camera, allows users to detect vibrations or movements with a high level of accuracy to measure and quantify structural assets. The amplification of minuscule movements makes it possible to understand the interrelationships of the various components involved in creating these motions.

Iris M™ From RDI Technologies

Monitoring the motion of machinery is easier and safer when measurement does not require contact. RDI’s Iris M™ provides users with a non-contact means of checking machinery and equipment for potential issues before they become widespread, helping reduce costs due to machine repair and replacement operations.

The key product features of the Iris M device include: 

  • Visualization: allows users to see potential problems by converting subtle displacement and movement to a level visible to the naked eye using Motion Amplification®
  • Communication: uses technical and non-technical resources and improves understanding of the interrelationships between the components creating movement
  • Quantification and measurement: accuracy is equal to or exceeds that of a contacting displacement sensor
  • Troubleshooting: identifies the source of a problem to facilitate the implementation of solutions

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At Renown Electric, we specialize in the repair and replacement of electric motors, and as a certified service provider for RDI, we utilize their products—including Iris M— alongside our engineering expertise to provide customers with high-quality solutions that facilitate the monitoring and troubleshooting of machinery and manufacturing equipment. These revolutionary products allow for quick and easy identification, analysis, and resolution of system issues for our experts, saving industry professionals both time and money. 

Monitoring and troubleshooting plant machinery before it causes significant downtime and repair costs is a major challenge for industry professionals across all sectors. Motion amplification allows subtle changes in the movements of mechanized parts to be seen, allowing for early identification of root-cause issues and the application of adequate solutions. 

By using RDI’s Iris M device, Renown Electric has an enhanced capacity to help monitor and troubleshoot customer’s machinery and equipment. For more information on our product and service offerings and how they can benefit your organization, contact us today.

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