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  1. The True Cost of Poor Elevator Motor Maintenance

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    In the world of elevators, preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your equipment running in peak condition.

    Elevator systems can be an expensive investment with a life expectancy of 25 years or more. During this time, normal wear and tear will affect the equipment, requiring maintenance.

    An effective preventative maintenance program can help the bottom line of your business—not just from a cost-effective maintenance program, but also by keeping your elevators running smoothly. Ensuring that customers have reliable access to your business will keep them returning and ensure that they have a positive view of your company.

    Maintenance Costs

    Cover Cost Analysis


    Over time, elevator motors and related equipment becomes worn and will eventually need replacement. Preventing major failures will allow you to minimize the amount of downtime while the elevator is being repaired. This also means avoiding extremely costly overhauls.

    Consider our hypothetical scenario below. Assuming that unattended motors tend to break down every 4 years instead of 5, there are still four major emergency repairs scheduled over the same 25-year period — even with a new motor in the mix. These repairs will cost, on average, $750 in parts and $1,200 in labor. Over the 25-year standard lifetime, there will also be the installation of a new motor costin $11,400 and four emergency repairs totaling $7,800 — bringing our total to an additional $768 per year without preventative maintenance, or $19,200 over a 25-year period.


    Cost Analysis Chart

    Lack of maintenance can mean that elevator motors will fail prematurely and break down more frequently. The result from these breakdowns or full replacements is potentially tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills over the elevator’s lifetime.

    With a regular maintenance program, your qualified elevator mechanics  regularly inspect the equipment for faults, and then make repairs before a major failure occurs. Finding these failures keeps downtime, and inconvenience for customers and staff, at a minimum as well as saving your company money in the long run.

    Additional Benefits of Maintenance

    Elevator maintenance impacts the profitability of businesses in the building, as well as the marketability of a company. Customers who enter a building with no working elevator may perceive the company as unreliable.

    In addition, a business that relies on foot traffic may lose customers who cannot or do not want to climb stairs. All of this affects the bottom line of businesses, and all of these concerns are avoided with an elevator that remains in operation.

    Along with the financial benefits, properly maintained elevators provide:

    • • Better passenger safety, resulting in reduced liability and insurance.
    • • Improved energy efficiency which translates to cost savings for your business.
    • • Tenant satisfaction, as customers and staff have reliable access to a business.
    • • Reduction of hazards and expenses such as structural repairs and the cost of emergency services activity to rescue trapped passengers.

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