For nearly 40 years, Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. has provided our customers with a one-stop shop for AC and DC Electric Motors & Generators service and repair. We have an extensive array of capabilities, from shop and field services to preventative and predictive maintenance and motor management. Our team of dedicated engineers has the expertise to diagnose and address challenging issues on a wide variety of motor and generator brands for diverse industries and applications. Read on to learn more about our in-house and on-site capabilities.

Shop Services

Our 72,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facility space in Concord, Ontario, features the latest in maintenance and repair technology, providing us with the resources we need to service AC/DC Electric Motors & Generators up to 60,000 HP from all major manufacturers. To return components to their original OEM specifications, we offer:

  • Motor rebuilding and rewinding. Our in-house motor services can optimize your equipment for peak performance to avoid raising energy costs. Renown’s motor services include custom coil design, computerized winding and stripping, and in-depth testing, available 24/7. We also have a fleet of service vehicles to facilitate free local pickup and delivery in Southern Ontario.
  • Generator rebuilding and rewinding. Generators are critical to numerous industries for supplying power. Our services will help your generator operate at full capacity while raising system safety and lowering operating costs. Our proven services also reduce downtime and the risk of equipment failure.
  • Gearbox rebuilding and repairing. A faulty gearbox can result in excessive downtime and reduced production. We offer affordable solutions for malfunctioning single- and multi-stage gearboxes, realigning and balancing them to reduce unwanted levels of heat generation and vibration for improved efficiency.
  • Sheave regrooving and manufacturing. Modern elevators must run continually at peak performance for safety and overall efficiency, and sheave regrooving is part of proper elevator maintenance. It reduces rope wear to keep an elevator functioning properly. Renown has vast experience regrooving and manufacturing Undercut U, U Groove, and Progressive V sheaves.
  • Machine shop services. Renown offers a broad spectrum of innovative and cost-effective machine shop services for projects of all sizes, ranging from simple mechanical repairs to parts manufacturing.
  • Servo motor repair. Renown’s well-trained, certified technicians have the highly specialized expertise to repair and test complex servo motors. We utilize comprehensive testing systems involving magnetizing technology and cutting-edge software to ensure proper resolver or encoder commutation alignment.
  • Pump repair. Rather than making costly pump replacements, Renown can work with you to restore damaged submersible and dry-mount pumps using advanced repair equipment and computerized testing techniques. We offer competitive prices and quick turnaround on all pump repair services.
  • Motor drive repair. Residential, commercial, and industrial machinery relies on Electric Motors & Generators drives to convert electrical energy into mechanical. When working properly, these drives can save you as much as 55% in energy costs. We offer diagnostic and repair services for AC, DC, servo, and spindle drives.

Field Services

In addition to Renown’s extensive in-house capabilities, we also offer a comprehensive collection of field services for your convenience. Our certified technicians have extensive field experience in Electric Motors & Generators remanufacture, repair, and preventative maintenance services for coast-to-coast coverage where you need it, including:

  • Brush surveying. Our brush survey evaluates all carbon brushes to make sure they are seated properly, slip rings are providing adequate friction, brush pressure is accurately calibrated, and appropriate physical, mechanical, and electrical parameters are met. We’ll diagnose and troubleshoot problems in the field to prevent damage and support optimal operation.
  • In-field rewinding. Renown offers in-depth analysis, testing, and in-field rewinding for numerous AC and DC generators and motors from major manufacturers. These services may also include new coil and insulation fabrication, new part installation, and system verification to maintain equipment performance.
  • Modernization surveying. Our technicians can review your equipment to explain the benefits of replacing aging subsystems or devices with newer, more efficient, and advanced components. Renown will blend the new with your existing systems for seamless operation to improve overall efficiency, performance, safety, and regulatory compliance, all while potentially saving on energy consumption.
  • On-site machining. Renown offers a range of on-site machining services for equipment too large or heavy to move, with our qualified technicians available 24/7 for emergency repairs, as well. We can essentially bring our machine shop to your facility, quickly providing Electric Motors & Generators service near you without requiring outside vendors.
  • Sheave regrooving. When providing elevator maintenance and rope assessment, Renown uses sheave regrooving to ensure cables have enough grip to operate properly. We commonly perform this service on all elevator makes and models as drive sheaves and ropes age.
  • Turning and undercutting. On-site Electric Motors & Generators commutator turning and undercutting services encourage uniform wear and brush track surface concentricity, extending the life of carbon brushes, reducing meantime between failures, and eliminating problems such as vibration and arcing.
  • Motion Amplification® monitoring. This proprietary video processing algorithm utilizes video cameras to amplify equipment’s subtle internal movements, offering technicians a thorough, real-time picture of the equipment’s condition and performance. Renown is a certified RDI Technologies service provider, allowing us to optimize repair solutions more effectively.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Services

Equipment failure can result in downtime, which is costly both in lost productivity and in high fees associated with labor, repairs, and component replacements. We suggest a comprehensive and proactive maintenance program designed to address potential problems before they happen. Our Total Care Support Cost plan offers support services and affordable pricing for:

  • Dynamic balancing. Imbalance in rotating equipment results in vibrations and, over time, costly repairs or replacements. Our state-of-the-art balancing system measures and calibrates rotating components to pinpoint the cause of an imbalance so we can adjust the weight as needed and extend equipment service life.
  • Infrared thermography. Using infrared thermography, our technicians can identify radiation levels that are typically invisible, generating a visual representation of a machine’s heat distribution. The technology helps operators detect abnormal patterns to correct system issues before they cause damage.
  • Laser alignment. If components like pulleys, gearboxes, shafts, and sheaves on coupled machines are not aligned or balanced regularly, the incurred damage can lead to forced production downtime and costly repairs. Renown offers comprehensive laser alignment services to eliminate unnecessary repairs and premature part failure due to horizontal or vertical misalignment.
  • Oil analysis. Our qualified technicians examine oil samples for additives and other properties that are signifiers of wear and contamination within a drive system or Electric Motors & Generators. Once we determine a baseline, we’ll monitor your system over time to determine the rate of wear, categorize impurities, and measure the degree of contamination in the system.
  • Vibration analysis. Excessive vibration can lead to expensive component damage from wear. Our vibration analysis service is a preventative measure that oversees the internal condition of equipment to assess and quantify any system vibration and extend the monitored equipment’s life cycle.
  • Winding analysis. Predicting the remaining insulation system life within rotating equipment helps determine how the motor will respond to cycling, load, or environmental conditions. Renown uses non-destructive electrical motor winding analysis (MWA) during scheduled downtime to proactively detect developing issues in transformer, motor, and generator windings.
  • Motion Amplification® monitoring. This innovative technology helps operators identify problem areas that would otherwise be imperceptible to the human eye so they can implement cost-effective solutions preemptively. As part of a preventative maintenance plan, it can save time and money on routine monitoring, troubleshooting, vibration analysis, and other repair operations.

Motor Management

The motor management team at Renown will collaborate with you to enhance inventory efficiency and better organize your supply chain. We’ll inventory all in-operation and stored motors to determine what’s adequate and what’s redundant or excessive for your needs, transferring excess motors to our storage facility after careful tagging and recording. We’ll handle motor disposal or cleaning and repair, as appropriate.

Effective motor management and storage boosts not just efficiency but significant cost savings in labor, materials, maintenance, and warehousing. By streamlining inventory to prevent needless buildup, you reduce system downtime with 24/7 online access to available parts and components in stock. Visit our motor management page to learn more about Renown’s program.

Partner With Renown

At Renown, our shop and field services, preventative and predictive maintenance programs, and motor management plans will help improve overall efficiency in both your equipment itself and your operations. To best serve you, all of the services we provide are in adherence to ISO 9001:2015 certification guidelines and are BROWZ, EXIROS, ISN, and QUADREM compliant. Contact us to learn more about Renown’s industry-leading service offerings today.