Keeping elevators in various buildings and facilities running at peak performance is important for both efficiency and safety.

Today’s industrial and commercial facilities demand a great deal from modern elevators; with movement towards decreased power consumption, reduced equipment costs, increased space utilization, and constant usage, elevators are under unbelievably high levels of scrutiny.

Due to these factors, and more aggressive sheave groove profiles, one of the keys to proper elevator maintenance is sheave regrooving. A worn sheave causes additional wear on the ropes that are at the heart of elevator operation, so they demand more maintenance than ever before. It is important to remember that all sheaves will need to be regrooved at least once during their service lives, so it is critical to have the right team supporting you.

At Renown Electric Motors & Generators Repair Inc., one of our top specialties is elevator sheave regrooving and manufacturing. Since 1984, our dedicated elevator experts have been returning sheaves to their OEM specifications, as well as manufacturing ideally matched or upgraded replacement parts.

We provide high-quality sheave regrooving and manufacturing in a timely and cost-effective fashion to all clients, no matter the size of their project. Our in-house machine shop and our on-site services allow for us to repair, regroove, and manufacture industry-leading U Groove, Undercut U, and Progressive V sheaves.

Renown has all the certification and qualification necessary to guarantee you are getting the highest quality products and service including:

  • CSA Qualification for the Repair and Service of Motors and Generators in Hazardous Locations
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISN, BROWZ, EXIROS, and QUADREM Compliance

Renown also offers other elevator related services including:

  • Elevator motors and generator repairs
  • Supplying refurbished elevator hoist motors and generators
  • On-Site rewinding and undercutting commutators
  • Babbitt bearings
  • Field coils
  • Brushes and springs

At Renown, our highly trained and skilled personnel provide 24-7 customer service for our in-house and on-site elevator repair and maintenance services. To discover how Renown can improve the efficiency and safety of your elevators, please contact a representative today.