1. What is your warranty policy for repairs/purchased refurbished units?

If your motor is under warranty with any of the manufacturers listed below, we are authorized to inspect the motor, diagnose the problem, and repair or replace the product. Renown is responsible for billing the manufacturer directly for the repair. If you are unsure if your motor is still under warranty, we are happy to check for you. //renown-electric.com/warranty/

2. Can you re-groove elevator sheaves?

At Renown Electric we can regroove any sheave in-shop or in some cases on-site. //renown-electric.com/blog/how-does-sheave-regrooving-affect-your-elevators-life/

3. We are having trouble connecting a recent repair – do you have anyone available to assist with the wiring installation?

Renown Electric’s team is available to you 24-7.  We have a full mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronics team.  Whether it is a simple motor connection question or complex troubleshooting requirement, we are here to help. //renown-electric.com/shop-services/

4. What is motor management?

A motor management plan ensures significant cost savings in both material and personnel. You’ll also minimize production downtime, streamline inventory, and have online access to your inventory 24/7. Motors are kept in a temperature controlled facility, return to service within guaranteed timelines and 100% tested to ensure they perform on installation. //renown-electric.com/motor-management/

5. What size of motor can you handle in the shop?

Our 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art repair facilities located in Concord, Ontario offers a wide range of diagnostic and repair services for motors up to 60,000 hp. //renown-electric.com/shop-services/

6. What are your full set of on-site capabilities from testing to mechanical and or rewind capabilities?

Along with our outstanding in-house shop services, we also offer an equally extensive selection of on-site maintenance capabilities, including:

  • Generator and motor rewind services
  • Electro-Mechanical services
  • On-site machining services
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning, inspection and troubleshooting
  • Complete consultation and inspection assistance
  • On-site vibration analysis programs
  • On-site laser alignment and dynamic balancing
  • Client training programs available
  • On-site electronic repair services for AC and DC Drives
  • No-charge pick-up and delivery services up to 8,000 lbs. in southern Ontario


7. What is the capacity of our trucks and crane lifting on the trucks?

With a lifting capacity of 50 tons and easy access for heavier engineered lifts, our equipment includes:

  • Two 50-ton cranes
  • One 45-ton crane
  • Two 25-ton cranes
  • Two 10-ton cranes
  • Two 5-ton cranes
  • Two trucks with 3-ton cranes
  • One truck with 4-ton crane


8. Do you have your own electrical and mechanical engineers on staff?

Our team includes over 50 employees who excel in all aspects of electric and mechanical motor repair, remanufacture, overhaul, field service, and engineering support.  We have a Manager of Engineering and Technical Services that is a Professional Engineer as well as others with CET designation on staff.  Additionally, we have access to many engineers through EASA and many other professionals with area specific skills we collaborate with on a regular basis. //renown-electric.com/about/

9. Is there a limitation to the size of motor or generator you can handle?

Our motor and generator repair facilities are purpose designed for large engineered lifts.  If it can move down the highway we can handle it! If you can’t move it, we will come to you. //renown-electric.com/motor-repair-services/

10. Can you make your own coils in house?

We have extensive coil manufacturing capabilities to accommodate several coils, including:

  • Series Coils
  • Shunt Coils
  • Interpole Coils
  • Compound Main Field Coils
  • Flat Wound Coils
  • B-Stage Coils
  • Hot Press Coils
  • Armature Coils
  • Random Wound Coils
  • VPI Coils
  • Medium and High Voltage Coils
  • DC Riser Trays


11. Are you available 24/7?

Yes, see the answer to question #3 above. //renown-electric.com/motor-management/

12. Can you work in the US?

Yes, we can arrange one of our partner teams to help you anywhere with any type of problem from on-site machining and services to troubleshooting and repair. We are proud to serve a diverse customer base from a wide range of industries from across the globe. //renown-electric.com/about/