Elevator maintenance performed by Renown Electric includes sheave regrooving to ensure that the cables have enough grip on the sheave to operate effectively. As ropes and drive sheaves age, sheave regrooving is a common repair.

Repaired Gearless Armature

We have capabilities suitable for all makes and models of elevators. With extensive experience in regrooving elevator sheaves, we offer valuable technical knowledge that is compatible with new developments in elevator design and construction.

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Increasing demands on elevator use, as is common in most modern buildings, leads to increasing wear on the equipment. We provide a solution and service to keep elevators in best working condition.

Our on-site service includes evaluation of sheave grooving for proper rope fit. Sheaves should be checked annually and if groove wear is seen, regrooving may be necessary. There are a number of factors that affect the need or frequency of regrooving. Different groove types wear ropes at different rates. Our experts are able to recommend the correct groove to meet requirements and optimize sheave life.

Proper and correct grooving extends the life of the rope. Ensuring that there is the right groove and the right amount of traction will lead to less maintenance. Generally, regrooving is required at least once during the elevator’s service life. The frequency of this is dependent upon factors such as groove type and number of cycles.



Before Sheave Regrooving


After Sheave Regrooving

Our capabilities enable us to regroove a sheave in any groove type. The U-groove is found in many older installations while the Undercut U-grooves and Progressive V-grooves increase traction and are favored in modern installations.

For on-site motor/generator repair and maintenance services such as sheave regrooving, trust in Renown’s highly trained and skilled personnel. Our professionalism and extensive experience in elevator repair provide the highest level of capabilities and customer service to minimize downtime.

Sheave regrooving capability includes:

  • On-site sheave and rope assessment
  • Measurement of sheave grooves
  • Measurement of rope
  • Determination of sheave regrooving process
  • Removal of sheave to perform appropriate regrooving