Elevators are critical tools that provide easier access to multi-story buildings and facilities. 

Elevator Renown Electric

People expect elevators to work properly every single time, but elevators—like any piece of equipment—are not immune to wear, damage, or breakdown. In many instances, elevators have been in service for decades without being modernized.

Imagine how many times a day you use elevators, and then multiply that number by the number of occupants in your building. By using elevators with outdated components and control technologies, you are putting several people at risk—including employees and clients alike. To avoid potential accidents, elevators must be in excellent condition.

Renown Electric has diverse capabilities needed to repair, restore, and modernize all types of elevator motors and controls.

  • Our team conducts extensive modernization surveys to see if your elevator can integrate newer technologies. We evaluate all aspects of your elevators—control systems and motors in particular—and make determinations to increase their performance and safety. Modernization can also provide elevators with higher levels of energy efficiency—reducing any excessive energy costs you may have.
  • With our turning and undercutting services, we can greatly extend the life of elevator carbon brushes. Our team utilizes the most advanced equipment to promote enhanced commutation and transfer of electric currents. These services are a part of Renown’s preventative maintenance program.