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  1. How Does Sheave Regrooving Affect Your Elevator’s Life?

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    The hustle and bustle of a busy, modern life is exhausting, and not just for you — elevators feel the impact of daily activity too. With an ever-increasing use of elevators at higher speeds, we are seeing a heightened need to service and regroove elevator sheaves.

    During a typical life, elevator sheaves would normally need to be replaced at least once — but increasing demands on elevator use also means increasing wear on elevator equipment, requiring more frequent maintenance.

    Here at Renown Electric, we are committed to your success. In order to better serve our customers, we offer on-site sheave regrooving services by our expert technical staff. We can service all groove types, including older U-grooves, and newer Undercut U-grooves and Progressive V-grooves.

    Proper Sheave Care

    Elevator Sheave On Lathe


    Sheaves should be checked at least annually for groove wear. Our on-site service includes an evaluation of sheave grooving. We will measure the sheave grooves for wear and measure the rope to ensure a proper fit. Renown also sells sheave regrooving kits so you can test the sheaves at your convenience.

    If sheave regrooving is necessary, our experienced staff can recommend the best groove type to match your specific elevator needs. Trust our skilled team to optimize your sheave life and provide you with excellent and dependable elevator performance.

    At Renown Electric we can regroove any sheave into any groove type. U-grooves are generally found in older installations and are subject to less fatigue and wear than other groove types, but U-grooves also require more space in order to maintain traction.

    Undercut U-grooves and Progressive V-grooves require less space to create the necessary traction, making them the preferred groove types in modern buildings. However, more traction means more wear, which means more frequent servicing. For more information about the effects of sheave and wire wear, as well as the importance of regrooving elevator sheaves, download our Technical Bulletin for Regrooving Elevator Sheaves.

    Renown Electric will analyze your specific elevator needs based on space, speed of acceleration and deceleration, and frequency of use. We will make sure that you have the correct groove type for your needs, and that your elevator is in optimal service.

    On-site sheave regrooving is only one of the many on-site services that Renown Electric offers to give you the utmost in convenience and service. Our other on-site services include brush survey, in-field rewinding, modernization service, on-site machining, and turning and undercutting.

    All of these services are available 24/7. Contact us today to find out more about how we can serve you.

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