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  1. Modernize your Elevator Control Systems with Renown

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    How old is your elevator system? If you haven’t asked this question for a while, it may be time for you to think about updating your equipment. Renown Electric offers an array of equipment and expertise for elevator companies to utilize when modernizing existing systems by integrating new, more efficient technology.

    Our modernization survey of your older system is a great way to start for you and your business to find out how to keep your elevators in working order. This survey allows Renown’s technicians to assess the condition of your systems, and we work closely with your company to enhance its equipment. The use of the new technology can:

    Renown Modernization Survey
    • Enhance overall system performance
    • Increase efficiency
    • Provide better safety
    • Result in higher energy savings
    • Ensure compliance with current electrical industry standards

    The evaluation is focused on elevator control systems, which will include all the hardware, software, and motors. This survey ensures that the most important systems in the elevator are covered; our upgrades will be properly implemented to avoid damage to these systems, and others throughout your facility.

    Our survey gathers as much information as possible to avoid any potential roadblocks in the modernization process. For example: one area where elevator modernization comes into play heavily is the elevator’s motor. Using a more efficient AC induction motor means lower energy use and better ride quality; this does not mean that DC motors cannot also benefit from modernization. With modern controls, even DC motors can show an improvement in energy efficiency and better ride quality.

    With all of the choices available for modernization, our survey will help you decide which options best suit your particular needs. Trusting a highly-qualified company such as Renown Electric means that you can trust us to prevent damage to your system during our inspection and upgrade processes.

    Contact Us for More Information

    Additionally, Renown offers machine guarding and many field services, which include in-field rewinding, on-site machining (with milling, turning, welding, and other capabilities), turning and undercutting, and more.

    Our experts will attend the job site, determine what needs to be done and get the work completed to your satisfaction. Like our shop services, field services are also available 24/7 to meet your needs.

    If you haven’t thought about the age of your elevator systems lately, contact Renown Electric today. Request our Modernization Survey now to learn how we can help keep your elevator systems running at peak efficiency.

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