Renown Electric is proud to announce that we will be in attendance at the 44th annual CECA Convention from May 29 – June 1, 2018. The four-day exhibition and trade show, held in Calgary, Alberta, brings together companies and professionals from around the world to discuss and showcase the latest developments and technology in the elevator industry.

CECA Convention

At 4:30 PM on Thursday, May 31, Renown Electric’s own Jeff Collins will be taking part in an Education Session and will be giving a presentation on dynamic rope balancing that automatically compensates for rope stretch.

The presentation, titled “Continuous Automatic Rope Tension – Extend Sheave and Rope Life, Reduce Noise and Vibration” explores the reasons and causes of rope tension issues and provides an innovative solution with proven outcomes.

Jeff will highlight a new product that Renown Electric will be showcasing through the convention – the Vertima Balance. The Balance is a hydraulic unit which provides continuous equalizing of rope tension automatically under any load, speed, rise and conditions providing 100% equal rope tension including allowance for rope stretch over time.

You can also find Jeff and other members of the Renown Electric team at Booth 37 throughout the convention showcasing a full range of products and capabilities, including a full Vertima Balance demonstration unit.

Can’t attend the 2018 CECA Convention? Check out our Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Services page or contact us to find out how Renown can help you with your elevator maintenance needs.

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