At Renown Electric, we’ve provided electric motor & generator repair and replacement services for nearly 40 years. Throughout our years in business, we’ve offered unmatched customer service to companies in a wide range of industries across the globe. Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational corporation, we can and will support all of your rotating equipment needs. 

The opening of our large motor and generator service centre has enabled us to expand our scope of capabilities to include the repair of large-scale electric motors and generators. The 34,000 square foot workshop is fully equipped for the repair and refurbishment of all large rotating machines. Additionally, it houses a highly skilled team of electro-mechanics, winders, engineers, and technicians, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience in large motor and generator repair and refurbishment, and a support team of quality control, health and safety, procurement, administrative, and logistics specialists. With this equipment and team of experts, Renown Electric is well placed to deliver high-quality repair and refurbishment services for electrical rotating machines. 

Our In-Shop and In-Field Capabilities

Our new service facility contains a broad selection of state-of-the-art equipment. These machines and tools enable us to offer many in-shop and in-field services to our customers, including:

  • AC Motor Overhaul, Repair, and Rewind
  • AC Generator Overhaul, Repair and Rewind
  • DC Motor and Generator Overhaul, Repair and Rewind
  • High & Medium Voltage Rewinds to 13.8kV
  • Rotor Rebar
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mechanical Repairs and Machine Shop Services
  • Full Formed Coil and Rotor Pole manufacturing both AC & DC
  • Electrical Testing

It also features a carefully designed workshop floor layout with segregated areas to ensure the effectiveness of our Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) program. This program is essential as the control and abatement of contamination and foreign particles is critical when working with motors and generators, especially those that are rated for high-voltage. 

Our Equipment List

The equipment housed in our new large motor and generator service facility includes:

High Bay Workshop Equipment:

  • 50-ton gantry crane
  • Large GUSPRO burn-off oven with inside working dimensions of 12 feet (W) by 12 feet (L) x 12 feet (H)
  • Large RAPID bake oven with inside working dimensions of 12 feet (W) by 20 feet (L) by 12 feet (H) and chart recorder
  • Wash booth measuring 16 feet x 15 feet with grease interceptor pit
  • Spray painting booth measuring 12 feet x 12 feet
  • Stripping booth measuring 8 feet (W) x 10 feet (L) x 8 feet (H)
  • Varnish immersion tank measuring 8 feet x 6 feet by 8 feet containing Dolphon CC1105 solventless polyester resin

Machine Shop Equipment:

  • Accu-turn 1120 CNC lathe with 70-inch swing
  • Clover 20/29 lathe with 18-inch swing
  • STANKO model 1516 vertical lathe with 55-inch table, 4 jaw chuck, and 62-inch swing
  • Milling machine with 16 in. x 70 in. bed and digital readout 

Main Workshop Equipment: 

  • 45-ton bridge crane with 25-ton and 7-ton auxiliary hooks
  • Peerless heavy-duty armature banding lathe rated for 10,000 lbs. with a 50-inch swing
  • Rotor pole assembly lathe rated for 15 tons with a 130-inch swing
  • 100-ton hydraulic press
  • Schenck dynamic balancing stand with CAB690/H60B interface rated for 44,000 lbs.
  • Hipotronics Model MTA 13.8-2000 AC motor test stand rated for 600V at 1,200A to 13.8kV at 84A
  • Hipotronics MTD.5 — 250 DC motor test stand rated for 0–500VDC at 500A
  • Skid-mounted turbo oil lubrication pumps for test running motors with pressure-fed bearings

Winding and Formed Coil Manufacturing Equipment: 

  • Bartech GTR 3500 formed coil taping robot
  • 2 James Model SG 600-C formed coil spreaders
  • Steelworks hydraulic coil hot press (double press)
  • Bartech horizontal hydraulic press for coil strand consolidation
  • P + R coil former/looper
  • TS Manufacturing large coil looper with automatic turn taping head
  • Peerless automatic wire strand cutter and insulation stripper

Welding and Brazing Equipment:

  • 2 Minac 12 Twin, high-frequency induction brazing machines
  • 2 Dynaflux resistance brazing units
  • Lincoln 275 precision TIG welder
  • Miller Dynasty 700 welder

Electrical Test Equipment: 

  • Phenix AC Hi-Pot test set, 0-3/6kV 20/10A 60kV
  • Electrom winding analyzer (surge tester), TIG II Mini with 40kV power pack
  • 40kV PJ surge tester Model 9040
  • Digital low resistance ohmmeter DLRO 10X
  • Hipotronics HD100 40 KVDC Hi-Pot Test Set

Choose Renown Electric for Your Large Motor & Generator Repair Needs

For all your electric motor and generator repair and refurbishment needs, turn to the experts at Renown Electric! Our new facility contains everything we need to handle large-scale motors, generators, and other rotating machinery. Contact us today to learn more about our service and support capabilities and how they can benefit your organization. 

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