At Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art electric motors and motor repair services. Since our founding in 1984, we have optimized our capabilities and equipment to provide high-quality repair services for all types of electric equipment. Our new workshop at 78 Bradwick Drive, Concord, ON, has ultra-modern tools to handle complex electric repairs and refurbishments.

Our new 34,000-square-foot workshop provides enough space for us to work on any rotating machine. Our team comprises experienced engineers and other specialists who ensure that every stage of repair is executed well. Read on to learn more about our new facility’s equipment and capabilities.

Our New Facility Capabilities

The new facility has allowed us to expand our capabilities in the following areas.

AC Motor Repair and Refurbishment

Accuturn Lathe

Some of our new AC motor repair capabilities are:

  • Rewinding synchronous field pole rotors, induction motor wound rotors, AC motors up to 60,000 HP (13.8 kV), and form wound and mush wound stators up to 13.8 kV
  • Machining, repair, and replacement of slip and end rings
  • Balancing rotors up to 44,000 lb
  • Lamination of stator and rotor cores

AC Generator Maintenance and Repair

Bake oven

If you notice that your AC generator is malfunctioning, you can bring it to our new facility for inspection, testing, repair, overhaul, or rewinding. Our highly skilled technicians are also capable of performing other tasks to ensure that your AC generator functions seamlessly:

  • Rewinding and re-insulation of rotor poles in hydroelectric generators and turbogenerators
  • Rewinding of stators (up to 13.8 kV) and rotors in turbogenerators, synchronous generators, and hydroelectric generators

DC Motor and Generator Maintenance and Repair

Balance Machine

Our experienced technicians can perform inspection, overhaul maintenance, and rewinding on your DC motor or generator. Our new facility enables other repair capabilities, including:

  • Commutator repair, rebuilding, replacement, machining, undercutting, and re-insulation
  • Rewinding and balancing the moving parts of armatures up to 44,000 lbs
  • Replacement of equalizer and riser tray
  • Rewinding and re-insulation of field coils

Mechanical Repairs and Machine Shop Services

Burnout Oven

Our new workshop offers mechanical repairs and machine shop services, including turning, shearing, milling, and grinding. Additional machine operations performed at our service center include:

  • Shaft replacement and repair
  • Welding of generator and motor parts
  • High-frequency resistance and induction brazing
  • Bushing and boring bearing housings
  • Re-babbitting sleeve bearings
  • Ultrasonic testing of babbitt bearings
  • Non-destructive testing and inspection services
  • Slow roll testing

Electrical Testing Capabilities


Below are some of the electrical testing capabilities offered at Renown Electric:

  • Vibration testing
  • Surge analysis up to 40 kV
  • DC Hi-Pot analysis up to 80 kVdc
  • Measuring AC voltage drop
  • Comprehensive AC and DC drive repairs
  • Polarization, insulation, and winding resistance testing
  • Core loss testing
  • Hot spot scanning
  • Repetitive surge oscilloscope (RSO) analysis

New Facility Equipment

Our new facility has new equipment to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

High Bay Workshop Plant and Equipment

Taping Robot

Our High Bay workshop equipment includes:

  • Gantry crane
  • Heating ovens
  • Spray painting booth
  • Stripping booth
  • Washing booth with grease interceptor pit
  • Varnish immersion tank

Main Workshop Plant and Equipment

Test Cell

The main tools at our assembly and test workshop include:

  • Balancing equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Motor testing equipment
  • Banding lathe equipment
  • Hydraulic press
  • Testing Cell 0-13.8 kV AC and 0-500 VDC (0-4160 VAC and 0-750 VDC available at Ortona facility)

Winding and Formed Coil Manufacturing Equipment

Below are the tools that we use for winding and coil manufacturing services.

  • Automatic wire strand cutter and insulation stripper
  • Coil taping robot and coil spreaders
  • Hydraulic coil press
  • Coil formers
  • Coil loopers with automatic turn taping head

Welding and Brazing Equipment

Our new facility comprises innovative welding tools that allow us to weld refurbished and repaired items easily. We also have two high-frequency induction machines and two resistance brazing units enabling us to seamlessly complete any brazing operation.

Electrical Test Equipment

Some of the electrical testing equipment at our workshop are:

  • Surge testers
  • Hi-Pot test sets
  • Digital low resistance ohmmeter

Machine Shop Equipment

For comprehensive lathe, milling, and boring capabilities, we have installed the following equipment in our machine shop:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Lathes
  • Boring mill
  • Bed milling machine

Contact Renown Electric for Electric Motor and Generator Repair Services

With a new advanced service shop, the skilled engineers at Renown Electric now have more capabilities to offer high-quality repair and refurbishment services for our customers. These capabilities include predictive maintenance programs to ensure your equipment performs optimally for as long as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and how we can help you with your electric motor and generator repair needs.

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