As frequently-used mechanical components, elevators in buildings must be reliable and compliant with local codes. Relationships between elevator contractors and building owners must be solid to ensure safe and consistent operation. At Renown Electric, we provide elevator contractors with the additional services necessary to restore and maintain elevator components so that they operate smoothly. 

Renown Electric repairs elevator motors, gearboxes, drives, sheaves, generators, maintenance parts, and new units in-house. We also stock replacement parts for speedy, dependable service. We regularly service obsolete and exchange units. Our in-house coil winding and machining capabilities enable us to help contractors return elevator units to full 24/7 service. Learn more about the services we provide.

Sheave Regrooving and On-site Machining

Sheave regrooving and on-site machining are essential for optimal elevator operation and safety. Sheave groove audit kits from Renown Electric give you the flexibility to inspect sheaves at any moment. We also provide on-site maintenance services like sheave regrooving and shaft machining to assist you in optimally maintaining your customers’ elevator equipment.

DC Machine Modernization

Renown Electric performs detailed modernization surveys to determine the work required to restore your gearless DC unit so that it can safely integrate with newer technologies. With a special focus on the motors and control systems, we assess all of the motor’s components and make recommendations to improve their safety and performance. Modernized elevators also consume less power and lower energy costs.

We can increase the longevity of elevator commutators and carbon brushes with our undercutting and turning services. Our team uses specially designed equipment to optimize electric current transfer and commutation. These capabilities are part of our extensive preventative maintenance program.

Preventative Maintenance

The value of a preventative maintenance program can be illustrated with the following hypothetical scenario.

Let’s examine the maintenance requirements and expenses of an elevator over a 25-year period, which is the estimated lifespan of an average motor. If the motor requires emergency repairs every five years, each repair costs $1,200 in labor and $750 in parts. That means four total emergency repairs totaling about $7,800 (the motor is replaced in year 25). A preventative maintenance program on top of these repairs costs about $275 per year, which ensures the motor runs the entire 25-year lifespan without needing a complete replacement. The total cost of maintaining the elevator for 25 years comes out to around $14,675.

Without preventative maintenance, the motor will likely need to be replaced completely at least once within that 25-year period. Purchasing a new motor costs $5,000, plus about $6,400 in installation labor. In addition, emergency repairs are still required every five years. This brings the total cost of maintaining the elevator up to $19,200.

The difference in cost comes out to a sizeable 30%. Preventative maintenance not only saves you money in the long run but also leads to more reliable performance, passenger safety, energy efficiency, and increased passenger satisfaction.

Gearbox Build Repair

Renown Electric services single-stage and multi-stage gearboxes of any type, including bevel helical, helical, or worm gears. Our skilled staff uses a vast range of state-of-the-art calibrated equipment.

We offer the following services with quick turnaround times:

  • Comprehensive, exhaustive testing
  • On-site vibration analysis
  • On-site laser alignment and balancing
  • Predictive maintenance programs
  • Free job-site pickup and return in Southern Ontario

Drive Repair

Motor drives convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to offer controls that regulate speed and torque, create smoother performance, and limit machine damage. A properly functioning variable frequency drive can deliver up to 55% in energy cost savings.

Maintaining this efficiency through preventative (PM) and predictive (PdM) motor drive repair services is an important aspect of Renown Electric’s Drive Services. However, this necessary maintenance is often put off until the machine undergoes catastrophic failure. If you are experiencing electric motor drive problems, don’t wait to take control of your system.

Diagnosing and Repairing Motor Drives

Renown Electric offers fast, cost-effective motor drive repair services. Our expertise includes diagnostics and repairs for a broad variety of drives and includes load testing, communication verification, and reprogramming services.

How Renown Can Help

Regular, in-depth elevator motor maintenance is crucial to keeping tenants satisfied, increasing passenger safety, lowering energy costs, and reducing system downtime. Renown Electric is your one-stop shop for elevator motors, motor parts, and guarding. We recognize the importance of getting you the right items when you need them, so we deliver fast, accurate solutions to all our customers.

Contact us for additional details on our elevator products and services.

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