Equal rope tension is critical to an elevator’s operations. Elevators used in high rise and high speed applications are particularly sensitive to uneven rope tensions, suffering from unnecessary wear, excessive vibrations, and unwelcome noise as a result.

The rope tensioning process is complex. In most static systems, the balance must be checked by an installer who manually evaluates the ropes. Unfortunately, these checks are not necessarily based on skill or training, making the process guesswork rather than a science.

The increasing importance of precise tensioning in elevators has created significant demand for better diagnostics. To that end, manufacturers have developed a wide variety of measurement solutions, as well as dynamic equalizing tools to respond to balance struggles in real time.

How it Works

Vertima Balance Renown Electric

The hydraulic rope equalizer (or Balance) is one of the more innovative solutions to the challenges posed by tensioning currently available. A typical balance consists of a set of rope anchors that are affixed to dynamic steel rods. The rods are moved continuously by a closed hydraulic system in the balance, which is all housed in a high grade alloy block. The balance can be installed in almost any position, becoming a permanent, maintenance-free part of the roped lift system.

Because a hydraulic rope equalizer is dynamic, the rope tension maintains consistent, 100% balance without the need for re-tensioning or maintenance checks. Its benefits include:

1. Versatility

A balance can also be installed in nearly any format — even upside down!

2. Unwavering precision

A balance eliminates any need for timely tension surveillance, operating with completely precise weight distribution. Hydraulic rope equalizers manage system performance constantly, automatically adjusting for load, speed, rise, and position.

3. Superior life expectancy

By making accurate, continuous adjustments to your elevator’s roping, a balance prevents rope abrasion, minimizes maintenance, and extends the life of your equipment. In the process, it improves ride comfort, simplifies operation, and prolongs rope life.

The Vertima Balance Rope Equalizer


Vertima Balance Renown Electric

The Renown Electric team is proud to work with the Vertima Balance Rope Equalizer — one of the world’s leading rope tension management tools. Transitioning to the Vertima Balance from traditional rope maintenance optimizes efficiency, improves performance, and reduces operating costs.

To learn more about its benefits to your operation, download our new eBook, Five Benefits of the Vertima Balance Rope Equalizing Device, or contact our team today.






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