Hydraulic rope equalizers provide real-time rope tension adjustments across elevators and other lift systems while in operation. Uneven rope tensions ultimately add additional stress to vital components, negatively affecting the system’s operational lifespan and degrading performance. As safety and maintenance are paramount, elevator installers are now considering increasing the use of hydraulic rope equalizers.

While technicians can provide their own scheduled adjustments while on-site, these adjustments are mostly based on estimation. The hydraulic rope equalizer, however, senses unequal rope tension and performs the task automatically; This results in real-time, instantaneous adjustments without the need for human interaction.

An auto-remediated rope tension system for elevators offers long-term benefits for vital components such as cables and sheaves as well as the entire lift system.

Cables & Ropes

Equal tension dispersion reduces stress, resulting in less wear and tear on cables and ropes. By optimizing performance, the cables require maintenance less often than their non-automated counterparts. In fact, equalized rope tension yields nearly a 50% increase in cable life expectancy and reduces maintenance costs over the lifespan of the cable.

Traditionally, technicians perform maintenance tasks by hand, estimating the rope’s tension by both touching and measuring it. Offering a more reliable, less manual alternative, the innovative Vertima Balance hydraulic rope equalizer reduces the need for such testing by dynamically adjusting elevators and lift system tension in real-time to allow for immediate adjustments.




The ropes attached to an elevator or lift system are looped around the grooves of elevator sheaves, or pulleys. Proper fit between the grooves of the sheave and the outer surface of the rope is extremely important as improper tension can cause excessive wear on the groove surface as well as the rope itself.

The hydraulic rope equalizer ensures that tension is applied correctly before the section of rope encounters the sheave. Because hydraulic rope equalizers continuously adjust for tension, the traction of the steel rope is optimized along the sheave’s groove as it rotates. By maintaining equal groove pressure, this reduces the need for sheave re-grooving, limits abrasion, and lowers fatigue risk.

Without a hydraulic rope equalizer, sheaves need to be re-grooved multiple times during the elevator’s lifecycle, thereby increasing maintenance costs.

Overall Lift System

Beyond just impacting the cables, ropes, and sheaves, uneven rope tension dispersion can detrimentally affect the entire lift system as a whole. Balance from Vertima provides smoother ride quality and eliminates the need for springs, which increases the ride stiffness. Dynamically adjusting the ride while reducing wear and tear on the system components. If a rope stretches beyond the dynamic range of the Balance unit, a limit switch will send a signal out to an alarm.

Offering a solution to such widespread issues, hydraulic rope equalizers are fully assembled and easy to install, uniquely customizable to the lifting application’s design and position.

By always keeping rope tension optimized, there’s less of a chance for the rope to jump or come out of the sheave. Properly dispersed tension also results in a smoother, more comfortable elevator ride with reduced noise, buckling, vibration, and inaccurate holding positions. The ride is calmer and more relaxing for users, ensuring their safety and helping to keep daily building operations running efficiently.

Trusted Installer of High Quality Hydraulic Rope Equalizers 

Trusted Installer of High Quality Hydraulic Rope Equalizers


Our Vertima Balance Hydraulic Rope Equalizer offers significant long term benefits for elevators and lift systems across numerous industries. Through automated rope tensioning, users and operators achieve a higher degree of performance, efficiency, safety, and ROI.

For over 30 years, Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc. has provided comprehensive solutions and repair services to elevator contractors. Our goal is to help our clients leverage innovative ways to reduce their lift system maintenance costs and provide a smooth, positive riding experience for their customers.

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