Aggregate Electric Generators Motors

The aggregate industry in Canada and The United States is responsible for mining, grinding, and selling billions of metric tons of sand, crushed rock, and gravel every year. Aggregate is commonly used in the construction industry, where it is a primary component for applications such as asphalt, concrete, and road building materials. Aggregate is all around us, from our homes and workplaces to the roads and sidewalks. As an essential driver of the economy and society, aggregate industry operations must be maintained through the use of electric motors and generators.


How The Aggregate Industry Uses Electric Motors and Generators

Aggregate Electric Generators Motors

Electric motors and generators are critical throughout the various applications of the aggregate industry. Electric motors are essential for converting electrical power to the mechanical power used to accomplish many of the daily functions of mining, crushing, and transporting aggregate. These motors also have to be engineered to endure harsh environments and tough handling, while also providing reliable performance to get the job done each day, regardless of the season.

Electric motors are commonly employed to power conveyors, crushers, hoists, kilns, agitators, pumps, and ventilators. These machines are essential to the daily operation of aggregate operations.

  • Crushers are machines that grind bigger rocks into smaller, uniform rocks and stones used in various applications.
  • Conveyors then take the crushed material from the crusher and transport it to its next station on the way to becoming building materials, roads, etc.
  • Hoists are used to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another when required.

All of these machines require electric motors and generators to make sure the process continues to move and progress, operating with optimal efficiency and performance.

Benefits of Electric Motors for the Aggregate Industry

Aggregate Electric Generators Motors

One of the most important benefits of using electric motors in the aggregate industry is that it helps create opportunities to reduce the use of fossil fuels while bringing better control and improved efficiency to a host of operations.

Many aggregate companies have opted out of using big diesel engines and switched over to electric wheel motors for their hauling processes. These are now run via battery packs, which is a cleaner, more efficient solution. Some companies are also replacing older diesel engines with new, more effective electric motors to power the hydraulic systems they use for scooping and traction.

Aggregate industry leaders are making the switch to electric motors because they are reducing operating costs and downtime while improving efficiency. Furthermore, electric motors are more resilient and perform more reliably in cold weather as opposed to diesel engines that struggle under a certain temperature threshold. This certainly improves productivity over the winter months to keep up with demand and reduce costs and downtime.

Electric Generators & Motors from Renown Electric

For almost four decades, Renown Electric has provided industry-standard electric motors and generators for customers in various industries, including the aggregate industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and carry a wide range of other certifications to ensure compliant and top-quality products. We are available to our customers around the clock, 365 days a year for delivery, pick-up, and motor repair. To learn more about or electric generator and motor solutions for the aggregate industry, contact us today.


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