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Machine wear caused by inadequate lubricant performance costs industries billions of dollars every year in part repair and replacement. For this reason, early detection of warning signs in your equipment is absolutely critical. Fortunately, analyzing key fluids such as lubricants in components can provide valuable insights into the condition of machinery.

Rotating parts are constantly in contact with each other, and if left unmaintained, this constant contact will degrade a machines’ performance. As components wear down, small particles and debris contaminate the lubricating oil, affecting machine performance and reliability. Thus, successfully monitoring a motor’s oil contamination levels will provide an accurate picture of its health, helping you form a more efficient maintenance and repair schedule.

Our Process

Because oil contamination is one of the critical indicators of rotating machinery’s condition, proper oil analysis ensures the development of accurate preventative maintenance schedules. Proper oil analysis involves drawing oil samples from the equipment and inspecting it closely for the presence of foreign matter.

To ensure the reliability of analysis results, maintenance technicians regularly draw oil samples after the target component reaches its operating temperature. Technicians also take several samples at the same point for maximum accuracy.

Technicians then carefully examine oil samples using a variety of techniques and instruments. If they detect contamination, the part undergoes a comprehensive particle-wear analysis, which assesses various properties of the sample including particle shape, particle count/distribution, and ferrous particle composition.

Technicians also analyze fluid properties such as viscosity and oxidation levels to detect the presence of contamination. Oil analysis, when performed correctly, can detect component wear up to three months before catastrophic failure.

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Better Analysis Ensures Better Performance

Oil analysis helps determine baseline levels for normal system wear. Upon establishing the baseline, technicians can quickly and easily diagnose system issues from subsequent testing. One of the main components of oil analysis, the particle wear analysis, allows technicians to classify impurities, determine the rate of wear, and measure the amount of contamination in the system.

Successful oil analysis is particularly important for the early detection of in-service oil contamination, which can ultimately result in significant maintenance cost savings and increased productivity due to increased machinery uptime.

Why Choose Renown for Your Oil Analysis?

For over 30 years, Renown Electric technicians have been at the forefront of providing in-service analysis of oil for various rotating equipment. We use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly analyze lubrication oil and other fluids to develop an in-depth understanding of the condition of machinery components.

Our ISO 9001:2015–certified quality management systems ensure that we test products according to the highest industry quality standards. We’ll also help develop proactive motor maintenance programs that will guarantee the equipment’s longevity.

To learn more about our preventative maintenance methodology, contact Renown Electric at your earliest convenience. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day.

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