In the industrial sector, proper equipment maintenance is vital for every professional. Modern applications can be extremely taxing on various types of machines—electrical motors are a prime example of this.

Electrical motors are expected to perform optimally even in the harshest conditions, which typically involve high temperatures and abrasive environments.  Due to these and other factors, motors are often prone to premature failure; this equates to unscheduled downtime and costly repair and replacement bills.

At Renown Electric, we believe that preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding common equipment issues. Our team employs several preventative maintenance techniques to diagnose motor failure levels; techniques such as vibration and winding analysis which can detect issues without inhibiting your company’s productivity.

To teach potential customers more about these techniques, Renown is now offering free-to-download sample analysis reports.

Predictive Preventative Services

Vibration Analysis Report

Vibration analysis is used to measure the frequency of rotating equipment. Your equipment generates unique vibration patterns during operation; tools such as accelerometers and spectrum analyzers record this data, and use it for early detection of equipment issues.

Our sample vibration analysis report will guide you through the exact process we utilise. The sample report includes a detailed equipment list and repair severity chart, vibration spectrum graphs, and more.

Winding Analysis Report

Winding analysis is used to assess the integrity of your motor winding insulation. With this technique, early-stage issues—including insulation degradation and leakage—are easily identified, and can be performed during planned downtimes.

Our sample winding analysis report includes a detailed equipment list and repair severity chart, surge summary charts, and comprehensive winding test results.

Download These Sample Reports Today

Don’t wait for your equipment to malfunction to act. By utilizing the preventative maintenance services of Renown Electric, you can stop common issues from afflicting your machinery and overall productivity.

To learn more about these preventative maintenance techniques, please download a free copy of our sample analysis reports. For information regarding motor maintenance or repairs, be sure to contact us today.

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