Over an elevator’s life span, its sheaves will typically require regrooving. Due to increasing demands and traffic, wear on equipment is higher, upping elevator maintenance requirements. Sheave regrooving ensures elevator cables have sufficient grip on the sheave to accommodate the weight of the lift and its occupants for efficient operation.

Proper Sheave Care

Renown Electric’s Sheave Groove Audit kits are suitable for use with older U-grooves as well as newer Undercut U-grooves and Progressive V-grooves. With our sheave audit kits, you can test the sheaves whenever it’s convenient.


Proper Sheave Care

Experts suggest sheave inspection annually to assess groove wear. During our process, we perform the following to ensure proper elevator maintenance for your facility:

  • Assess sheave groove needs per groove types (each wears ropes at differing rates)
  • Measure elevator groove wear
  • Measure ropes for proper fit
  • Determine what sheave regrooving process is best for your needs on-site or in-shop
  • Check drive and deflector sheave alignment with a laser
  • Perform appropriate sheave regrooving

Renown offers on-site motor and generator repair, plus machine shop services, including sheave regrooving.

Higher elevator demands may increase the need for sheave regrooving beyond the one time during the sheave’s service life. Frequent elevator maintenance checks should be based on factors including the type of sheave and how frequently the lift is used. For good traction, ensure the groove profiles fit properly between the rope and sheave and that rope tension is balanced between all ropes. This reduces stress on the sheaves and the rope.

On-site sheave regrooving is just one of the many on-site maintenance and repair services Renown Electric offers, delivering the highest level of convenience and service. Additional on-site services include:

Audit Your Elevator’s Sheaves

Are you in need of sheave audit tools? Contact our experts to learn more about our laser alignment tools, sheave audit kits and dynamic rope tension units.



Audit Your Elevator’s Sheaves


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