Renown Electric has long been committed to providing quality proactive and preventative maintenance measures. After so much time in the business, we’ve elected to take a huge step and elevate our commitment to maintenance through partnering with i-Alert to provide clients with the i-Alert sensor. 

Through our years of experience, we’ve seen how unwanted and unmonitored vibrations in tools and machinery can lead to the excessive wear and damage of parts and components. These scenarios typically end in timely repair costs and shortened lifespans for the systems in a facility. We offer precision vibration analyses to keep damage like this at bay and ensure your systems are up and running as they should be.

Benefits of Implementing Vibration Analysis

Constant vibration monitoring can catch issues early. This benefits an organization in a number of ways:

  • Increased Efficiency
Vibration Analysis


Identifying problems in a plant before they get out of hand is key to providing quick and easy fixes. Fixing problems in a timely manner can be the difference between a quick tune-up and calamity. Workers are then able to funnel time they would’ve spent fixing much worse problems into other areas of a business.

  • Data-Driven Change

Utilizing vibration analysis means that you can use the collected data to discover, measure, and quantify vibrations that occur across a facility.

  • Reduced Loss Time

Staying on top of vibration fluctuations in your equipment can help avoid mechanical failures and unplanned downtime. The life of equipment will be extended by this preventative maintenance, meaning less time is put into replacing parts and machinery.

  • Increased Safety

Taking care of operational problems as they crop up, rather than when they’re too extreme to ignore, significantly improves the safety of everybody involved in your operation.


Vibration Analysis


i-Alert Sensor

The i-Alert sensor allows you to use only the sensor and a smartphone equipped with the i-Alert app to monitor and troubleshoot using collected data. Maintenance personnel can get access to all the information they need about vibrations within your plant with no more than the push of a button. This allows them to identify and address minor concerns before they grow into something worse.

The sensor collects data on an hourly basis, storing data up to 170 days of continuous use. Not only does the i-Alert measure 3-axis vibration, but you’ll also get up-to-date info regarding temperatures, kurtosis, machine run-time, fast fourier transform (FFT), and time waveform.

With just three basic components, you’ll be able to get a pulse on every piece of machinery in your factory, including:

  • Sensor. Sensors are installed directly onto equipment to provide continuous monitoring.
  • App. The app corresponds with the sensor to allow you to download and access collected data from a safe distance, all from the palm of your hand via Bluetooth.
  • AI Platform. Innovative AI allows you to order and craft reports that are unique to the needs of your organization and system

Working with Renown

At Renown, we know that implementing preventative maintenance measures can eliminate costly downtime, constant repairs, and situations that are dangerous to your business and your employees. Our expert team is excited to offer the i-Alert sensor to make monitoring and managing even the largest networks of equipment easier than it ever has been.

Contact us today to learn more about the the i-Alert and if it may be a good fit for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you determine your best course of action. 


Vibration Analysis Renown Electric



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  1. Lily Bridgers

    I had no clue that by using vibration analysis, you may utilize the information gathered to find, gauge, and quantify vibrations that take place across a building. Let me share this with my uncle who is in need of some pretty good vibrating tables he can use for some project. I hope he can find reliable vibration systems and solutions suppliers for this. Thanks.